Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Delivers An Excellent Series Finale: “The End Is At Hand” And “What We’re Fighting For”

Credit: ABC

Well, we’re at the end of the line. It’s the series finale for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and there’s a lot to get to. Both parts of the two-episode finale are recapped below so hold onto your hearts and grab some tissues (just guessing). 

Sister Act

The quinjet docks onto the Zephyr just before the latter is tractor-beamed onto a Chronicom ship. But no one seems to care that Sousa, Mack, and Daisy are there. She volunteers to get Simmons and Deke but before she leaves, Sousa kisses her. Awwwwww!! The reason the Chronicoms don’t care about the trio is because Sibyl knows the odds of finding out about Fitz are higher if Daisy and Simmons reunite. The Chronicoms injected something into Simmons that is making her memory ebb and flow. She doesn’t even recognize Daisy when the latter rescues them. 

Nathaniel, meanwhile, is convinced that Fitz is dead and Simmons truly can’t even remember him. So he convinces Kora to kill Daisy, but he underestimates Daisy’s compassion. By choosing not to attack her sister and persuading Kora that she can still choose to be good, Daisy gets herself, Deke, and Simmons safely to the Zephyr. The choice puts Kora on Nathaniel’s bad list and he knocks her out. 

An 0-8-4

While every other S.H.I.E.L.D. base was destroyed, the Lighthouse is still standing. It can only be destroyed from the inside, which is why Garrett teleports in. While he’s setting up bombs, Coulson, May, and YoYo use Fitz’s old tech schematics to design a trap for the new teleporter. As they wait for Garrett to fall into it, May and Coulson have a lovely heart to heart about how they’ve changed. “I like this you,” he says. “And if I’m being completely honest, I like this me as well.” They make heart eyes at each other even as Garrett teleports in.

YoYo quickly shackles Garrett with a device so he can’t teleport away. With the bombs about to go off, Garrett desperately tries to get Nathaniel to stop them, but he refuses. YoYo speeds away while Coulson covers May as the bombs detonate. Thankfully, YoYo was able to minimize the damage to the base by moving the bombs. The trio provide medical care for Garrett because Coulson argues they need his help. A signal for an 0-8-4 just came in. 

Garrett teleports them to Koenig’s bar and is immediately shot dead by armed agents. They’re all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who received the same signal and have brought bags, boxes, and packages that have been in their safekeeping for decades. This was likely Enoch’s doing. When the rest of the team arrives, Simmons is able to put together the pieces from all of these packages to make a device that opens a hidden room. When she inserts her wedding ring into the top, the device activates. A portal opens and out comes… Fitz!

Leopold Fitz Enters the Season

Fitz is here and he’s full of good news, sort of. He says they can get back to their original timeline and save it. In fact, he’s just come from there. But the key to their plan is Kora and her absence in the bar is an issue. Another issue? Coulson doesn’t feel right about abandoning this timeline when there’s an imminent Chronicom invasion. Deke posits that the device used to transport Fitz can be redesigned to carry the Chronicoms with them back to their timeline as long as someone stays behind to flip the switch. It’s a hard choice, especially when Fitz acknowledges that this is the last time they’ll all be in the same room together. 

Since he’s already a man out of time, Sousa volunteers. He’s just about to give his big speech when Deke interrupts. Knowing that Sousa and Daisy are just starting their relationship and caring a lot about Daisy’s happiness, Deke insists on staying behind. Plus, he is a rock god in the 1980s. The plan works. The team and the Chronicoms go back to the original timeline. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the 80s name Deke the new Director.

The Most Important Thing

The next step is to carefully reconstruct Simmons’ memory. Fitz helps her remember what happened after Enoch saved them. They had Flint make a piece of the time monolith, which allowed them to time travel. They went to Simmons’ favorite star, Alya, and Fitz studied a copy of the time stream, which Enoch had stolen from Sibyl. For years, Fitz and Simmons lived a happy life together until they eventually jumped back to the moment they left. Fitz enters a chamber outside of Izel’s temple with Flint and Piper there to guard him. Simmons gets her implant and rescues the team. 

She had some help too. As the team arrives back to the end of season 6, they suit up to help past Simmons retrieve their past selves. When the Chronicoms fire on the old Zephyr, they destroy the temple and May uses the distraction to land on Chronicom ship. Coulson is quickly captured by Sibyl while Nathaniel faces off with Daisy again. Mack successfully rescues Kora.

YoYo, Sousa, Fitz, and Simmons retake the Lighthouse. Sibyl authorizes the Chronicom Hunters to attack but that’s what Coulson was counting on. May busts in through the ceiling and together, they take out Sibyl and the other Chronicoms in the room. Then Kora boosts the signal and May takes Sibyl’s place to give the Chronicoms on Earth the feeling of empathy, which stops them in their tracks. They drop their weapons and declare themselves friendly. 

For her part, Daisy holds her own with Nathaniel but ultimately has to sacrifice herself to stop him. The team retrieves her body from space and Kora is able to revive her. They both acknowledge what they’ve all been fighting for: family. And that’s been Simmons’ motivation too. In addition to the chamber that allowed Fitz to time travel, there was another room that Flint and Piper were guarding. In there, safe and sound, is Fitz and Simmons’ daughter, Alya. 

One Year Later

The team meets in Koenig’s bar to catch up but they’re all there virtually. Mack is really running ops from the Helicarrier. YoYo is on a mission with Piper and a robot version of Davis, a thank you gift to Piper from Fitz and Simmons. Daisy and Sousa are happy together exploring space on Zephyr 3 with Kora as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s newest recruit. May is a lecturer at the Coulson Academy and Flint is there too. Coulson is assessing what he wants to do next and decides to travel for a while. They all fondly remember Deke and agree to make their meeting an annual tradition. One by one, they log off until only Daisy and Coulson are left. They say a heartfelt goodbye to one another, with her promising to call as soon as she’s back from space. 

After he’s logged off too, Coulson opens a case from Mack. Inside are keys to a brand new version of Lola, Coulson’s beloved car. He gets in and, just like at the end of the very first episode, flies off. 

Field Notes

  • What a beautiful finale for this show and these characters. Three cheers!
  • Deke’s spot-on impression of Fitz killed me. 
  • Daisy: “She’s not gonna stop me from getting back Simmons.”
    Mack: “And Deke.”
    Daisy: “Sure.”
  • Sibyl: “Oh? And what comes next?”
    May, dropping in from the ceiling: “The Cavalry.”
  • Every single moment of May and Coulson together in this two-parter had me going, “Please make out already!” The heart-to-heart talk? The heart eyes? The drift compatible fight? KISS KISS KISS!
  • Piper to Davis: “I swear on all things holy, you were always this stupid.”
Stephanie Coats