The CW Cancels Katy Keene After One Season

Credit: The CW

Riverdale spin off Katy Keene has been dropped by The CW after just one season, Hollywood Reporter reveals.

Based on the Archie Comics character of the same name, the series followed aspiring fashion designer Katy (Lucy Hale) as she and her friends got to grips with life in New York.

Alongside Katy, the series also saw would-be actor and aspiring drag star Jorge Lopez (Jonny Beauchamp), mysterious It Girl and professional gifter Pepper Smith (Julia Chan), and singer Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) following their dreams amid the glamour of the Big Apple.

Set five years after the main storyline of Riverdale, Katy Keene also saw Josie revive her group The Pussycats after billionaire and would-be music mogul Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount) persuades her to sign to his family’s newly resurrected label.

The series premiered on teen and young adult platform The CW on February 6 2020 and the 13 episode run lasted through May 14 2020.

Parent series Riverdale was a slightly odd mix of drama/mystery series with bloodthirsty crimes and sinister happenings, interspersed with musical numbers. It followed a group of teens making their way in the world among the weirdness and mysteries. After its debut it was picked up by Netflix and went on to be extremely popular and is currently on its 4th season.

Katy Keene, on the other hand, was a much lighter and more upbeat offering – which didn’t fare so well in the ratings. The live and same day viewing ratings ranked at 14th out of the 16 dramas The CW were airing, and it never really took off. The digital ratings never picked up either, so the decision was taken to cancel.

The season finale aired on May 14th, and ended on something of a teaser, with an antagonist from Riverdale arriving in New York to be the continuing thorn in the side of Jorge and his friends. The announcement yesterday of the show’s cancellation meant the unscheduled migration of the episode from season finale to slightly disappointing series finale.

Although no-one has yet offered to take up the series, Warner Brothers TV are still intending to look for a new home for it.

Carolyn Hucker