SDCC@Home: Vikings Reveals Exclusive Clip From Their Final Episodes During “A Look Back with the Lothbroks” Panel

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During Comic-Con@Home, Vikings released an exclusive clip from the second part of season 6, their final season. But beware, this clip answers a major question from the midseason finale’s cliffhanger. Spoiler alert!


While the final episodes of Vikings will air later in 2020, some of fans’ favorite actors came together for a very special Comic-Con@Home panel called, “Vikings: A Look Back with the Lothbroks.” On hand were creator, executive producer, and writer Michael Hirst as well as cast members Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Alex Ludwig (Bjorn), Clive Standen (Rollo), and Jordan Patrick Smith (Ubbe). 

Six seasons of traversing the world and history is a lot to cover in one panel. The group reminisced about some of the biggest moments in the show including the fight scene between Ragnar and Rollo. Standen was so impressed with the stunt team as well as the emotion he and Fimmel were able to build into the very physical fight. 

“The stunt team who were incredible in our show, they always came up with fantastic fights and they came up with a fantastic fight for Ragnar and Rollo,” Standen said. “It was all swords and it was a very beautiful fight and Travis came in, and he was right, he just said, ‘This needs to be the tension between the brothers. It needs to be the brothers and not one of them is going to go down until one of them is dead.’ He showed some examples of fights and we arranged to get rid of the swords as soon as possible and just hit each other.”

Despite the fighting on the show between family members, the cast itself grew incredibly close over the years. Smith recalled the start of his filming, saying, “I do remember my first day on the set because Travis slapped me in the face 45 times. That was my introduction to Vikings. When I first came to set it was big shoes to fill. I remember walking down the hills and someone said, ‘Please don’t mess this up, our jobs depend on you.’ So that was what the four brothers were introduced to walking down the hill. But I also remember everyone being so welcoming…”

That atmosphere allowed for some incredible moments of collaboration as well between the writers and the cast. Hirst spoke about the scene where Ragnar learns the Lord’s Prayer and how Fimmel’s input on how to make that scene more impactful. “Travis said to me, ‘Do you think, perhaps it would be a good idea if I don’t say anything in this episode except the Lord’s Prayer?’ And I said, ‘Well you are in a lot of scenes,’ and he said, ‘Yeah but I can do it by looking, I don’t need to say anything.’ So this was for sure a radical idea and I looked at the script and I was thinking well you know other people can say those words or I can get information somewhere else and it’s a cool idea anyway, we may get away with it.”

And they did. Vikings built an amazing show that attracted a legion of devoted fans. That was perhaps never more evident than when the time came to say goodbye to beloved characters. Although it was known that historically Ragnar was killed, fans were still moved by the send-off given to Fimmel’s character. For the actor, Ragnar’s final scene where he sits at the water’s edge and says goodbye to his daughter was particularly beautiful. “I don’t know why, but it took me about 3 minutes to memorize that whole thing because it was just written so well,” Fimmel said. “All the best writing, I can memorize like that. 

Winnick noted how Lagertha’s death felt like coming “full circle” for her. “That last moment you did where Lagertha falls in the water and lands right next to Ragnar. And a little fun fact to the fans that last line “In my dreams, we are always together,” that was actually my audition line when I first tested as Lagertha. So it’s just full circle to see it all come back.”

Vikings returns later in 2020 with the final episodes of season 6 and the series.

Stephanie Coats