John Mulaney Gets More Specials Of The Sack Lunch Bunch At Comedy Central

Get ready for more of the Sack Lunch Bunch in the near future. Why? Because Comedy Central is ordering more specials featuring John Mulaney and the talented cavalcade of kiddos for two more specials, one that will be holiday themed.

The original special John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch premiered on Christmas Eve 2019 over on Netflix, which got a lot of praise from critics and audiences alike. The special was part comedy and part musical spectacular, harkening back to series like The Electric Company but with a more modern and Mulaney-esque voice.

Also it had Jake Gyllenhaal having a mental breakdown for like eight minutes and it was hilarious. The specials will see the original Sack Lunch Bunch reunite, and good for them. They were hilarious and kept up with Mulaney.

Whether or not there will be more celebrities is unknown at this time. The original special saw David Byrne, André De Shields, Richard Kind, Annaleigh Ashford, and Natasha Lyonne pop up in it.

In a statement, Mulaney expressed his joy at returning to Comedy Central, where he was once an intern.

“I wasn’t a very good intern, so I am psyched they hired me again. We are thrilled to bring these specials to Comedy Central: a place where I have had so many good times.”

Bec Heim