Jason Momoa In Talks To Voice Frosty The Snowman — Yes, Really

Credit: Rankin/Bass Productions

Happy birthday!

For those of us (all of us) who grew up watching the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials every year, then Frosty the Snowman based on the popular holiday song is a must for viewing. Now, apparently, we’re getting a live-action/CGI hybrid version of Frosty.

And who will voice the snowman who “that hold top they found” is then “placed on his head”? Jason Momoa.

Yes! You read that right. According to Variety, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) is in talks to voice Frosty the Snowman in the upcoming film. 2020 is such a dark year, you guys. This news has brought us so much joy.

Greg Silverman, a producer on the project, had this to say.

“We know Jason’s a true human being filled with love, compassion and a deep connection to ohana … all of which is the living spirit of Xmas and Frosty.”

Silverman’s producing partner Jon Berg added, “From his role as a count in a land of ice and fire to the oceanic success we all had with ‘Aquaman,’ it felt only right to realize Jason this time in snow.”

Berg previously produced 2018’s Aquaman. Momoa will also produce the film along with Geoff Johns.

Bec Heim