The Flash Will Finally, Really, Truly Face Off With Godspeed In Season 7

Credit: The CW

The Flash will not return until Jan 2021, but when it does maybe we’ll get some answers about what’s going on with Godspeed.

According to TVLine, who speak with The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, we got confirmation that Team Flash will be going up against Godspeed in season seven. Now whether or not the season will be split into two parts? We don’t know.

When asked about the one true Godspeed and if we’re really meeting him, Wallace said, “Yes, you just might…. Because that’s where we’re going!”

Season six of The Flash had Barry taking down the fourth of some strange Godspeed drones that had been appearing in Central City. Rather than it being Crisis nonsense, there was actually a reason behind it. More importantly, more are coming (read our recap here). Godspeed was also a baddie that Nora (Jessica Parker-Kennedy) first took down in 2049 as XS.

Though who knows between Crisis and the changes to the timeline what happened with Godspeed with Nora’s timeline disappearance.

Going forward, we still have to wrap up the Mirror Mistress (Efrat Dor) storyline along with Barry (Grant Gustin) and friends getting that whole artificial Speed Force thing up and running in the season seven. Maybe that will create Godspeed.

The Flash returns Tuesdays in Jan 2021 at 8/7c on The CW.

Bec Heim