The Flash Showrunner On How The Delay Will Affect Season 7

Credit: The CW

The Flash and other CW series won’t be returning until January 2021. With that return, many of these series will have to pull double duty. They’ll need to wrap up the storylines of previous seasons and then do their normally scheduled television season.

It’s a lot. So how will The Flash handle it for its seventh season?

Good question! Showrunner Eric Wallace talked with TVLine and shared his plans for season 7 of the popular CW series.

“Because this is The Flash, there’s a huge twist at the end of every season, and that twist is now kind of coming in the middle of the [start of the] season. And that has really affected our storytelling for all of Season 7.”

Wallace did say that the time away from the series gave the writers a chance to tweak things while in quarantine.

“Amid the horror and the tragedy of what’s happening with this pandemic, if we can find some kind of lemonade in the lemon, it’s us having to rethink a few things about how a Flash season looks, given this ‘narrative unpredictability’ to the season.”

He added that season seven of The Flash will be broken down into more “graphic novels”, meaning there will be multiple story arcs versus one overarching one.

The Flash returns Tuesdays in January 2021 at 8/7c on The CW.

Bec Heim