Paul Feig Really Wants To Make A Freaks And Geeks Musical

Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Freaks and Geeks was one of those criminally underrated, cancelled way too soon cult television series. The one where we bemoan the what if it stayed on the air of it all. While we probably won’t see a reunion or anything of the series cast, Paul Feig, who created the series, wants a Freaks and Geeks musical.

Talking with PEOPLE on the series Couch Surfing, Feig said, “I think there’s so much we could have fun with and explore. All I know is, a dodgeball game dance number… that will make my life when we finally get to do that.”

It wouldn’t be without precedent. Many cult favorites have been made into successful musicals over the years from Little Shop of Horrors to Heathers. Freaks and Geeks wouldn’t be that out of place on the stage. Though we have to wonder what the musical itself would look like.

Either way, it will be what many fans want which is more Freaks and Geeks content. With the right crew behind the scenes, it would probably be a really great show. Honestly, why isn’t this happening? Let Paul Feig have this.

Bec Heim