On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., You Need To “Know Your Onions”

Credit: ABC

To recap where we left off after last week’s season premiere, to save S.H.I.E.L.D., our heroes have to save HYDRA. Mack and Deke are still with Freddy, the future father of the future head of HYDRA in America. Although he tries to send the two men on their way, they refuse to leave until he’s completed his delivery. All three board a train together along with Freddy’s shipment of liquor and his secret stash of an unknown HYDRA chemical.


At Koenig’s secret speakeasy, Simmons and YoYo arrive to help the woman who was shot in the last episode. Daisy still isn’t convinced they shouldn’t let the Chroni-cops or someone else kill Freddy because doing so would prevent HYDRA from killing a lot of people. However, failing to save Freddy could result in major disruptions to the future as they know it. Further discussion is shelved when the Chroni-cops arrive in search of S.H.I.E.L.D. Koenig deals with them alone while the others hide in behind a false wall. The unnamed woman who was Freddy’s contact nearly gives them away when she accidentally breaks a bottle, but thankfully the Chroni-cops leave.

Questioning Freddy’s contact gets S.H.I.E.L.D. nowhere but Simmons runs tests on a substance found on the woman’s shoe. It’s the key ingredient in the super-soldier serum that will create the Red Skull. Again, Daisy argues they should stop Freddy, while Coulson insists they have to let things play out as they once did. After finally getting Freddy’s destination from his contact, the team heads out with Koenig in tow. 

Hard Choices

On the Zephyr, Enoch has his hands full with a newly awake Melinda May. She’s even less emotional than usual and is determined to help the rest of the team. Enoch tries to sedate her but fails and they later have a pretty fun fight when she attempts to leave. Just as she’s about to knock him out completely, Coulson yells for her to stop. “Aren’t you at all surprised?” he asks when they see each other. “I mean, I was dead.” After a beat, May responds, “You still are.”

With May sedated again, the Zephyr takes off towards Freddy, Mack, and Deke. But they’re on a tight deadline now. In 17 minutes, the time window will close and the Zephyr will depart no matter what. Daisy is able to contact Deke and tells him to shoot Freddy to prevent HYDRA’s future atrocities. Deke seems ready to do it too until Mack talks him down. And then there’s no time for potential murder because the Chroni-cops are back. Mack is able to slow down one of them until the team arrives with more firepower. 

During the fight, Freddy disappears and Koenig goes after him. While trying to persuade the kid not to go down the wrong path, Koenig is shot in the arm by Freddy. The young man then picks up the HYDRA vials, gets into a car with unknown operatives, and leaves. 

With the time window rapidly closing, S.H.I.E.L.D. hurries back to the Zephyr. Everyone is on board except Enoch, who had gone in search of Freddy too. He runs but fails to make it before the Zephyr departs. Calmly turning around, he goes to Koenig’s and secures a job as a bartender. In return, Koenig asks for more information on S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Chronicoms.

Field Notes

  • YoYo is either adjusting to her new arms or still dealing with the aftereffects of being infected with a Shrike. When there was a chance to use her powers, for the first time, she froze instead.
  • Enoch may be the most patient and understanding character in the history of television.
  • For just a split second, May believed Coulson was somehow alive. And then that hope, and my heart, was crushed. 
Stephanie Coats