Netflix Releases Images Of Enola Holmes Amidst The Conan Doyle Estate Lawsuit

Credit: Netflix

Netflix apparently doesn’t care about getting sued by the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over the film adaptation of Enola Holmes. Why? Because they released some of the first images from the film.

Based on the book series by Nancy Springer of the same name, Enola Holmes follows the title character (Millie Bobby Brown) as she tries to piece together the circumstances surrounding her mother’s (Helena Bonham Carter) disappearance. With only an assortment of gifts as her only clue, Enola seeks to find her mother. Despite her older brothers Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill) wanting to ship her off to boarding school.

Instead, Enola escapes and sets to London to solve this case on her own. While there, however, she meets a young runaway Lord (Louis Partridge), who entangles her into a conspiracy that sets to change the course of history. Isn’t it always a case with a Holmes.

EW released the images for the film, which aims for a possible Sept. 2020 release date.

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In addition to this, Variety reported the lawsuit from the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over Enola Holmes. They’re saying that the film infringes on the copyright of the Holmes stories. Rather than the Springer books, the lawsuit alleges that Enola Holmes focuses on the version of the character from the final Holmes tales rather than the Springer books.

Why they did this now rather than, you know, before filming and whatnot, we cannot say.

Bec Heim