Killing Eve EP Breaks Down Season Three Finale Final Moments

Credit: BBCAmerica

Killing Eve always liked to end big. A stabbing in season one, a shooting in season two, season three though…now that was a bit different.


In the final moments of Killing Eve‘s third season, we see Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) stand back to back to try and break free from each other once and for all. Just walk away and never look back. It doesn’t work, of course. Eve looks back and Villanelle meets her eyes.

They just don’t know how to quite each other.

Talking with EWKilling Eve EP Sally Woodward Gentle said of those finale moments.

“Of course, they are on a bridge and there’s all sorts of drama that they could have happened there. I think that what was really appealing was for both of them to have an honest conversation, which we rarely see — particularly with the revelation in the earlier scene that they were both complicit in somebody else’s death. They both did it together, and in a way that’s a good jumping-off point for a discussion about where they are. [Laughs] And also, for Eve to say, “You’ve got to release me. I can’t stop thinking about you.” And for Villanelle to say, “Well, it’s really easy. You just walk away.” They walk away and Eve turns around with Villanelle, and I think what you see in her is she knows that Eve is going to turn around. She knows that Eve is going to be looking back at her. Is that point-scoring, or is it actually something much more fundamental than that? And that’s quite an interesting way to look at it. It’s just a little bit more introspective than before, but that’s quite fun as well, not to do the same thing every time.”

Woodward Gentle also added that it just has to do with Eve and Villanelle’s very messed up and co-dependent relationship itself.

“But as time has gone on, they’ve both acknowledged that the other sees themselves in a way that nobody else has seen them. And that is really intoxicating and hard to walk away from. Like you said, it’s sort of the most f—ed-up, self-destructive, glorious, edifying, ego-fulfilling relationship ever. I think it is really hard to walk away from something [when] somebody sees you in a very unique way that makes you feel like you’re a little sunflower in the sunlight. That’s really hard to step away from that.”

Killing Eve has been renewed for a fourth season.

Bec Heim