Kidnap Feature Next Up For Baby Driver Filmmaker Edgar Wright

Credit: Richard Young/Shutterstock

Baby Driver filmmaker Edgar Wright is set to direct thriller The Chain for Universal, Deadline reports.

The Chain is last year’s bestselling psychological thriller by British crime writer Adrian McKinty. The fast paced novel centres around a highly complex ransom plot.

The novel begins with the seemingly random kidnapping of a young girl at a bus stop. The story opens out to reveal that this is just one part of a kidnapping web where parents are being forced to kidnap other children in order to save the life of their own child. The girl’s mother, Rachel, has to kidnap another child, and that child’s parents must kidnap yet another before Rachel’s daughter is released. If Rachel fails to kidnap a child, or if that child’s parents fail, Rachel’s daughter will die.

The difference in this case is that this particular victim-turned-unwilling-criminal is smart and very tough and determined to break the chain and rescue her daughter.

The book was first earmarked by Paramount before it was published last year. However, the deal was never closed and now Universal have laid out a seven figure sum to option the story.

Wright is well known for the Cornetto Trilogy of cult British comedies written by Wright and Simon Pegg – Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

The Chain will be written for the screen by Jane Goldman, screenwriter for Kingsman: The Golden Circle and X-Men: First Class.

Producers include Wright and Cornetto Trilogy producer Nira Park, alongside Working Title‘s Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan and The Story Factory‘s Shane Salerno, who helped author Adrian McKinty after he nearly abandoned his writing career. Universal’s Executive VP of Production Matt Reilly will oversee the production.

Carolyn Hucker