Jessica Chastain Is An Assassin Trying To Survive After A Job Gone Wrong In Ava Trailer

Jessica Chastain has a lot of problems on her hands in the first trailer for the assassin movie, Ava.

While Chastain is known more for her highbrow work, Ava proves that she can keep badass pace with the best of them. Seriously, it’s awesome to witness. When can we get Chastain’s own action franchise over here?!

In Ava, Chastain plays an assassin who works for a covert black ops organization, traveling around the world, seeing exciting locations, meeting interesting people, and then killing said interesting people. When a job goes wrong, however, she finds herself alone and has to fight for her very survival.

And damn, does she do it.

Ava is directed by Tate Taylor with John Malkovich and Colin Farrell also starring as well. It hits theatres on Sept. 25.

Bec Heim