Doctor Who Star Mandip Gill Confirms That Holiday Special Has Been Shot

Credit: BBC One

Doctor Who may have finished its season a while ago. We may not know when the next one will happen. We do know that the holiday special has been shot.

Doctor Who star Mandip Gill, who plays companion Yasmin Khan, told EW that the annual holiday special has been shot before the pandemic production shutdown happened.

“There is a festive episode. We happened to be quite lucky and fit it in, so that will be exciting.”

Gill also reflected on the twelfth season of the new run of Doctor Who. Her favorite episode was “Spyfall”.

“I think the favorite episodes were “Spyfall.” Everything — we were filming in South Africa, our guest lead Sacha (Dhawan) was absolutely amazing, it was also one of the first times we’d worn a costume, usually our characters are just in their normal clothes. It set up a lot of the storylines as well. And I’ve watched them more than any of them, because I’ve done the watchalongs, so I guess it’s become one of my favorites, because it had to be, because I’ve watched it so many times. I pick up new things every time I watch it like, when Sacha’s character changes from O to the Master there are so many little things that he’d worked on that you just don’t see when you’re acting with him. You only see it once you watch again and again and again.”

She also talked about the changing from shooting her first season of the series to the second.

“Naturally, we were way more comfortable with each other. It just felt like we knew what we were doing, we knew our characters way more this time, there weren’t as many questions that we needed to ask about our background. Personally, for me, I started to understand a lot more of the sci-fi, whereas in the first series I would be like, “What is she saying?””

Bec Heim