Chris Evans Apparently Has A Video Of Paul Rudd Dancing To Grease And Yeah We’re Gonna Need To See That

Credit: Marvel Studios

You ever wonder just what sorts of things celebrities have on their phones? We’re not talking about gross stuff like nudes or whatever. We’re talking about people goofing off on set or on tour or whatever. We’re talking about the embarrassing sorts of things people do when they’re together.

Especially former theatre kids with the sense of theatrics.

Well, well, well, we learned about one of those things. Courtesy of some good natured hazing toward Rudd on his first days on the set of Captain America: Civil War, which Evans recalled to Rudd for Variety.

“On that day, it was literally the day I met you, [Anthony] Mackie and I and Scarlett [Johansson] got in our head that we were going to shoot — this is so hilarious — a little video just for the Marvel gang, like a little culmination, like a yearbook video, set to that song from Grease. ‘We go together, like rama lama,’ whatever that song is. We were just going to go around, take little clips of videos of people dancing and cut it all together. The first day I was like, ‘All right, I’ll start collecting some of this footage.’ I have the footage. I was like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you. You don’t know me, but can I get this?’ It was you, Mackie, I think [Jeremy] Renner, Sebastian [Stan], and I just said, ‘Look, everyone, just dance for 30 seconds,’ and you did it. You were a great sport. You willingly danced with little explanation from me, and then I never completed the video. I just abandoned it. But I got that footage of our first day of meeting of you dancing.”

Rudd, apparently, has no memory of this. At all.

Evans, however, is not planning on showing the video.

When Rudd asked, “Is it bad?”

Evans replied, “Oh it’s so bad.”

Well now we want to go see it.

Bec Heim