Time For Some “Immortal Kombat” In The Supergirl Season 5 Finale

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

This is probably going to be our last Supergirl recap until errr like Spring 2021? If we’re being optimistic on that front anyway. Still it’s the season five finale! And the show was always going to be held until midseason because, well, Melissa Benoist is delivering a Superbaby in the future. Just that damn coronavirus has ruined everything, you know?

Here’s what happened last week. Lena finally broke good after Non Nocere failed and Lex suggested they should rule the world. She went to Kara and apologized. The DEO is no more, destroyed by Rama Khan who let himself get captured to get Kryptonite for some sort of weapon that Lex gave to Leviathan. So that’s not good.

Nia gave Brainy an ultimatum about the games he’s been playing. Andrea’s not listening to Kelly or William about their concerns on Obsidian Tech. William also got kidnapped. And Leviathan is planning on killing most of Obsidian Platinum users at their worldwide unity event. Also, please let this happen, Alex may go full vigilante.

So let’s see where we’ll be left off for like a year, shall we?

Greetings: Lex is taken to the secret HQ for Leviathan. Gammamae leads him to the spaceship where its radiation shield harms Lex. Lex wants to discuss taking out Supergirl, but Rama Khan makes it clear that the slaughter of Supergirl is meant for them and them alone. Kara wants to focus on the future and not handle the past. Nia, Alex, M’gann, and J’onn join in the planning session as well. All that Kryptonite can kill Kara easily. Lena can make Kara an anti-Kryptonite suit for Earth-Prime. J’onn and M’gann disguise themselves as Supergirl Kara so Kara and Lena can get away to LuthorCorp. Alex unveils her supersuit to Kara to her sister’s delight. Lex tries to figure out about this other that Gammamae answers to. He is officially in the inner sanctum of Leviathan. Lex goes to join Brainy in the car. Brainy wants to handle the immortals, but Lex is going to make him sit and wait as his friends and loved ones die. J’onn and Nia meet with Rama Khan, but there is another element bender that attacks M’gann. Lena and Kara make their way, but there is kryptonite green lightning in the sky. Nia is sucked into a vision of the Leviathan board room and insane Brainy.

Suit: Lena is trying to get the anti-Kryptonite suit up and running. Alex gives Kara an update about J’onn, who is injured. Kelly calls Alex about William going missing. Kara, however, has to stay safe until Lena finishes her anti-Kryptonite suit. Gammamae prepares herself for launch, but she is worried about the Unity Festival. It’s time to start the end of the world. Brainy summons Female Brainy, who tells him that he shouldn’t let his friends die. Brainy decides to defeat the gods by shrinking them all. He plans on sacrificing himself in order to do right by his loved ones. He called Female Brainy because Brainy doesn’t want to die alone. Lex lets loose his global address to get the Unity Festival started. People are buying it too.

Unity: Alex does some cool ninja shit to let Kelly into the Obsidian servers, but Kelly is a little distracted by how hot her girlfriend is. Lena tries to talk about the past with Kara, but they hash it out. Kara wanted to protect Lena and is stewing over the hurts. So she is not letting Lena get off easily. Kara cannot give Lena absolution. She is going to get William from Eve and Lena is coming with her. Eve has William hostage, who is trying to talk her down. Eve shoots William once before Kara and Lena arrive. Of course, unsurprisingly, the elementals show up. Lena gets the suit on its way, calling for back-up, and getting William and Eve out. Kara is overwhelmed by the Kryptonite but the suit arrives. M’gann and Nia show-up to join Kara in the fight. The elementals explode and then reform, leaving Kara, Nia, and M’gann leaving.

Mortality: Brainy prepares himself to head into the Leviathan ship when Rama Khan and the elementals return. Everyone figures out the game. Kara goes to talk with Eve and asks for her help. She promises to keep Eve and her mom safe. Eve tells Kara everything about Gammamae and the plan to kill everyone at the Unity Festival. M’gann goes to talk with Nia about the potential vision and Brainy. Nia feels like her visions are because of her guilt, but M’gann says there is something that he dreams are telling her about Brainy. Nia, however, wants to keep Brainy out of her mind. They want Kara to give a classic hope speech to get the people out of the Unity Festival. J’onn trash talks Rama Khan and his band of elementals to draw them out. Brainy makes his move. Female Brainy talks Brainy through it. Brainy has to hold on through the radiation for 10 minutes as the shrink code is uploaded. Kara goes into the festival with a failsafe to protect her from the kill switch. Kara heads into Obsidian.

Belief: Alex, Nia, J’onn, and M’gann wait for Rama Khan and company to show up. Gammamae wants to activate the kill switch when Kara’s signature appears. Lex wants to send another assassin to take out Supergirl, who won’t fail her. Gammamae goes to see Andrea, wanting her to kill Supergirl’s vulnerable body. If she doesn’t kill Supergirl, then Obsidian (and Andrea’s father) will die. Kara tries to get through to the people at the Unity Festival, telling them that they are in danger. Lena helps out there. J’onn, Nia, Alex, and M’gann fight against Rama Khan and the elementals. Brainy keeps holding on via the shrink code but he has five more minutes. In the shadows, Andrea arrives to kill Kara. Lena stands between Andrea and Kara and talks to her. Andrea drops the dagger. People end the simulation. Brainy holds on, but that’s not ending well. Rama Khan and the others disappear into the jar. Brainy falls over with the jar in hand. Lex finds Gammamae dying and realizes what Brainy’s done.

Beginnings: Lena and Kara look over the totally empty Obsidian platform. Female Brainy promises to stay with Brainy as Lex arrives. Lex declares that Brainy gave him what he needed: the shrunken gods. He will kill Supergirl himself. Brainy will die alone. Nia finally sees what happened. He needs their help. Eve and her mother are reunited. Lena and Kara watch the reunion. Lena sees Kara’s point of view now and offers a new apology. Kara officially accepts Lena’s apology. Kara and Lena share a handshake. Gammamae arises like a weird Medusa while Lex delivers the bottled gods to Lillian.

See you all in 2021! Like a year from now probably.

Bec Heim