The Mirror Master Makes Her Move In “Success Is Assured” On The Season Finale Of The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Well this is it. Welcome to the season six finale of The Flash, mainly due to the fact that the world is a dumpster fire and we’re all considered about the pandemic. So let’s do a quick refresh and get down to business.

Iris is adjusting to the Mirrorverse, which is definitely not a good thing. Good news is that she found Kamilla so there’s that. The pair are planning to find Singh and get the hell out of dodge. Barry, meanwhile, is trying to save his wife on the other side along with Cisco. There is some discord in the team due to, well, the whole situation. Thanks to Nash giving Barry a kick in the ass and helping to save the life of Hartley Sawyer’s boyfriend, it seems that the team has their groove back.

Now, of course, there’s the matter of whatever Eva has planned for Jeremy Carver. She woke up in a weird tube with a costume. So that’s never a good sign.

Let’s see where we end up, shall we?

Change: Mirror Singh meets with Eva, who is ready to get rid of her husband. They just need to make sure to get rid of everything that protects Jeremy Carver. Nash, Allegra, and Cecile are helping Frost back for her trip to the Arctic to handle her healing process. Frost is still a bit worried about things, which Cecile senses. Carla arrives to get a couple of tests done before they head up North. At CCPD, Ralph, Allegra, and Nash are figuring out where Mirror Singh is along with Eva. Barry figures out that she has unfinished business, like Black Hole and McCulloch check. Ralph busts out the diamond Sue gave him, which Allegra says is emitting some serious UV energy. She uses her powers and boom: treasure map that fits perfectly over Central City. Ralph and Barry go to check out where the map leads them while Nash and Allegra handle comms. They find the guards stabbed and a whole lot of bad guy stuff. Ralph finds the Carver wall of blackmail, which has the stuff that Carver has been blackmailing the Dearbon’s with. They find Mirror Singh planning on burning down the place, and try to talk him out of it. He said Carver saw what happened to Eva and left her to rot. So he’s going to die. This means that, unfortunately, Team Flash needs to protect Carver.

Fixer: Carver tries to deal with the loss of the warehouse. Barry tries to tell Carver what’s going on, but the dude is a dick and brings up Iris. Carver says the Mirrorverse will warp and twist Iris until she is no longer Iris. Carver says that he doesn’t need protecting. Iris and Kamilla have to find Singh themselves. Iris’ neural dissonance is getting worse. She wants to use her acclimation to find Singh. Ralph calls the Dearbons, who bring Sue with them. Sue puts on a show about how she went to India to find herself. Ralph tells Sue what they found and Sue tells him that Carver had a change of heart last week. Sue just wants to be left in peace with her family. Dr. Light, Sunshine, and Ultraviolet hang out at their little villain hideaway. Eva starts taking them out and pulling them into the Mirrorverse.

Check: Carver comes into the Black Hole hideaway to find it empty, suspiciously so. He puts two and two together to come up with Eva. Allegra, like all of us, says to just let Eva handle Carver, but Barry is a good person. Nash, however, agrees with Carver over the traumatic psychological state. Barry figures out that Eva got to the Black Hole operatives first. Carver says if he gets into protection, then Joe can get out of it. Meanwhile, Carla and Frost have some awkward bonding time and clear their air. She apologizes that Frost felt like a third wheel. And the pair plan on getting to know each other better. Carver will be placed into custody momentarily, but Mirror Singh shows up. Mirror Singh makes an offer: Carver for Iris. Eva has no quarrel with Barry. Nash, however, makes the decision for him and teleports them back to STAR Labs. Harry tells Nash that the Barry he knew would never consider the deal.

Power: Carver learns that Singh has been replaced and Eva is very determined to kill him. He’s also continuing to be an asshole. Carver offers a panic room that his wife doesn’t know about that can protect him. Nash brings up Barry’s hesitation with the deal. He asks what Iris would say if she learned that Barry took such a deal. Barry and Carver head to the panic room to wait for ARGUS to come get Carver. Ralph, Allegra, and Nash are clearing the building before the ion field is engaged. Ralph sees Sue enter, who traded herself for her parents. Carver is untouchable and Sue is using Black Hole to kill him. Ralph, however, doesn’t want Sue to lose herself. She knocks Ralph out and the force field is engaged. The force field gets disabled in short order as Black Hole shows up. Apparently Eva made them a better offer so they can help her get to Carver.

Kill Carver: Black Hole is making their move and kicking the asses of all McCulloch Tech security guards. Barry heads to the sub-basement to get the ion field back up. Barry runs into Mirror Singh who shatters into Eva, who knocks Barry out and declares that “success is assured”. Things get sideways so Allegra zaps the stone, which incapacitates Ultraviolet. Sue shows up to help Team Flash with Sunshine and Dr. Light. Eva goes to see her husband. Carver wants to talk, but Eva lists of his many, many crimes. Eva plans on killing Carver with the pieces of the mirror she was sucked in. Barry blocks the attack, saying that maybe Carver doesn’t deserve to live but it’s not Eva’s decision. Eva, however, pulls a piece of mirror through Barry’s body and stabs Carver in the chest. He declares that Eva is not his wife and that his real one is dead. Eva apologies for Barry having to see that and removes the pieces of mirror. Eva tells Barry that they aren’t enemies, saying that they’re on the same side. Team Flash decides to go crazy on Black Hole, but Eva tells them to stand down because Carver is dead. She’s letting them go. She’s achieved her goal for the day and tells Barry to run along.

Light: Eva weaves a story about being held hostage by a group. She has Joseph be the hero who saved her only to tragically die. She will hunt for her husband’s murderer and plans on resuming her place at McCulloch Tech. Though judging by how she is scratching herself being in the real world is harming Eva. Ralph goes to visit Sue, who is packing up. Eva framed Sue for killing Carver so she can’t go home. Caitlin assures Barry that he can stop Eva and get Iris back. She tells Barry that love drives him, not speed. It’s the true force that pushes Barry. The two say their goodbyes and Barry tells Caitlin and Frost to hurry back. They still have to go white water rafting. Caitlin leaves with her mother. Nash goes to see Allegra, who has apparently cooled off toward him. Barry, Nash, and Allegra look over the board. They can get the others back and Joe’s back! They’re going to get everyone out of the Mirrorverse. Iris tracks the thermal signature, finding something at Central City Hospital. Shortly after, however, Iris turns into Mirror and disappears.

See you in season seven!

Bec Heim