The CW Releases It’s Pandemic Proof Fall 2020 Schedules And Pushes Majority Of Series To 2021

Credit: The CW

The CW, like every network, is experiencing a major shake-up in its 2020-2021 television season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As FOX previously died, the CW is looking to use a mix of acquired programs, old standbys, reality shows, and the final run of Supernatural episodes to run through Fall 2020.

In Jan. 2021, the CW plans to release its new seasons of its Arrowverse shows along with Riverdale, Nancy Drew, All American, and Charmed. Notable exceptions like Legends of Tomorrow, Roswell, New Mexico, and Supergirl will be held until midseason. (Supergirl due to Melissa Benoist’s IRL pregnancy.)

CW CEO and chairman Mark Pedowitz said, “We are going with this strategy to give producers and studios ample time to get back up and running in the best and safest way possible. Strategy and protocols are still being developed. What other broadcasters do is up to them. For The CW, this is right for us.”


8 pm Whose Line Is It Anyway?
8:30 pm Whose Line Is It Anyway?
9 pm Penn & Teller: Fool Us

8 pm Swamp Thing
9 pm Tell Me a Story

8 pm Two Sentence Horror Stories 
8:30 pm Dead Pixels 
9 pm Coroner

8 pm Supernatural (Final episodes)
9 pm The Outpost

9 pm Penn & Teller: Fool Us

8 pm Masters of Illusion
9 pm Pandora

Supernatural makes the most sense for the Fall. Five episodes have been shot of the seven left in the final run of the popular series. Pedowitz wants to make sure that things work out well with the scheduling and to give fans the ending that they deserve for the series, “We hope they will start shooting [Supernatural] late summer early fall. If not, we’ll be flexible in our schedule. We all want to end the 15 years the right way. It’s important that these two episodes will be done the way they hope to do them. If not, we’ll wait it out.”

Credit: The CW
Bec Heim