Stargirl Star Says Everyone Can See Themselves In The New DC Series

Credit: DC Universe

Ready for your next superhero obsession? Stargirl, which is cross airing on the DC Universe streaming service and the CW, is here to fill any void in your life with the Arrowverse done for the year.

The series follows teenager Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) who finds the Cosmic staff, which grants her abilities. Together with her stepfather (Luke Wilson), Courtney decides to fight some crime and stop the Injustice Society of America, who killed the original Justice Society of America.

Bassinger talked with EW about what she hopes people will take from the series.

“It’s about a teenage girl, that makes a huge difference. I remember when Spider-Man: Homecoming came out with Tom Holland, I thought it was so cool seeing this teenager go to high school and try to balance being a superhero. That being said, I never felt like I could be Spider-Man.”

Bassinger also said Stargirl has a plethora of teen heroes for people to relate to outside of the title character.

“All those people who loved that movie but felt like they couldn’t be [Spider-Man], they’ll find themselves in this, whether it’s with Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-Nite [Anjelika Washington] or Yolanda/Wildcat [Yvette Monreal] or Rick Tyler/Hourman [Cameron Gellman] or me being Stargirl. Everyone will see themselves in it, and not only enjoy that fun balance of high school and superheroism, but also be like, ‘I can be them.'”

Bassinger talked about what she wanted to bring to Courtney.

“I wanted to focus on them [Stargirl’s heroic traits] specifically, like her optimism. Her determination is one of her best skills, as well as like one of her worst because it can get her into trouble because she does things before she thinks. So that impulsivity is one of the most special characteristics of Stargirl that’s pretty similar to this version.”

Stargirl releases episodes on Mondays via DC Universe. You can catch them on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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