Queer Eye Season 5 Releases Trailer And It’s Saving All Our Summers

Queer Eye will return in just a couple of weeks. While we wait to see the Fab 5 do their wonderful transformations, Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming season. Oh boy, we’re already emotional.

Karamo Brown (Culture), Tan France (Fashion), Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Bobby Berk (Design), and Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming) head to Philadelphia to bring some brotherly love to 10 inhabitants of the city. (For you reality TV historians, Brown was on the Real World: Philadelphia back in the day.)

While there, they will be giving advice to a priest who is struggle with his sexuality; a young woman who feels awkward about her height; a mother to a 3-year-old; and more people. All while getting them made-better and more confident along the way.

On shooting in Philly, Porowski said to EW, “With Philadelphia, it’s a lot more cosmopolitan than the outskirts of Atlanta — even though we filmed in Atlanta, and we were really along the periphery in Kansas City as well. With Philly, we do have a lot more downtown stories and you kind of get to speak to that experience. And with cities like that, there’s always an incredible amount of diversity, so there are very different stories and perspectives not only culturally but also age-wise.”

Also debuting in the trailer is a power anthem from VINCINT entitled “Be Me”, which you can download or stream right now.

Queer Eye season five hits Netflix on June 5.

Bec Heim