Peter Dinklage And Jason Momoa Sign On For Vampire Movie Good Bad And Undead

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa are teaming up for a film.

No, it’s not the reboot of Twins that everyone apparently has been clamoring for. (File that under stuff that we didn’t know was a thing, but now really want to happen.)

Instead of wearing matching outfits, the former Game of Thrones co-stars are going to be the undead. Momoa and Dinklage are in talks to play vampires in the action-adventure movie Good Bad & Undead from Legendary films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Good Bad & Undead is described as “Midnight Run in a Bram Stoker world”. That is definitely a vibe, we must admit.

According to THR, “Dinklage would play Van Helsing, the last in a long line of vampire hunters, who has an uneasy partnership with a vampire (Momoa), who has taken a vow never to kill again. Together, they run a scam from town to town, where Van Helsing pretends to vanquish the vampire for money. But when a massive bounty is put on the vampire’s head, everything in this dangerous world full of monsters and magic is now after them.”

For the fantasy nerd in me, this film sounds like a lot of fun. It kind of has that same vibe as The Rock’s Hercules movie. We’re here for it. Dinklage and Momoa will serve as producers on the film, which will be directed by Max Barbakow (Palm Springs).

There’s no release date set for the film.

Bec Heim