Nubia Graphic Novel To Focus On The Twin Sister To Wonder Woman

Credit: DC Comics

Half a century after she first appeared in comics, Wonder Woman’s lesser-known twin sister is finally getting her due in her own graphic novel: Nubia: Real One. It will be written by author L.L. McKinney and artist Robyn Smith. Nubia: Real One will be released in early 2021.

McKinney said in a statement about the graphic novel, “What’s funny is I didn’t initially set out to pitch a Nubia graphic novel. I was invited to pitch something else, but I made the decision when writing the pitch itself to add in Nubia. I’ve been a fan since pretty much birth, and I’ve watched her get moved around and appear in various iterations, none of them touching me the same way her original one had. I mean, this was Wonder Woman’s twin sister, just as strong, just as fast, if not stronger and faster. And she was black! So, I added her in to my pitch for the other project. I guess something about her stuck out to the team because they emailed me and essentially asked for a pitch about Nubia.”

Smith added, “In Nubia, I wanted to focus my illustrations on creating something both light and emotionally resonant. Most of my work is heavily influenced by Harry Lucey’s Archie, so finding a way to incorporate that charm and joyful feel into a story centered around more serious issues was important to me. I hope fans reading Nubia feel the same sort of excitement I felt illustrating the characters and their beautifully crafted stories.”

Nubia was first introduced in 1973. She was created at the same time as Diana from the same clay by Queen Hippolyta. She and Diana were given life at the same time as well. So they are, in all sense of the word when it comes to being formed from magic clay, twins. Nubia, however, was kidnapped and raised away from her twin sister. Neither knew of the other’s existence. Nubia, throughout the decades, has only appeared a handful of times in comics.

So we’re really excited to see a fresh take on the character! Pages from Nubia: Real One can be viewed at The Hollywood Reporter, but you can check out the full cover below.

Credit: DC Comics
Bec Heim