Melissa Benoist Makes Her Directorial Debut In “Deus Lex Machina” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

We’re in the final couple of episodes for the fifth season. Given the news of Benoist’s pregnancy and that they were filming the season five finale when the production freeze hit, it sounds like we’re getting something a little more finale-like with these episodes than other series.

Quick refresher on what’s been going on. Lena and Lex are working on Non Nocere and have had promising results. Andrea has awakened her shadow powers in Post-Crisis. Alex dealt with Jeremiah’s sudden death. Kara and William may have something going on. Leviathan has a warehouse of bodies of those who like OD’d on Obsidian Tech and are trapped in VR. Kelly has some concerns about the un-regulation of VR, especially after her girlfriend got trapped in it.

So let’s see how Lex rose to power in a Post-Crisis world, shall we?

Blood: Kara and J’onn arrive to find Lex with blood on his hands and people talking about how Lex saved them. He killed Old Lady Leviathan, who pretends to be an acolyte of Amy Sapphire who has been “kidnapping” people for weeks. Kara is confused about Lex being a real hero.

Day One: Lex waits up in the Post-Crisis world to find a butler standing by his bed offering coffee and juice. He looks over the city and is quite proud, declaring that he made a new world. Lex sees Lena, knocks her out further, and goes to see his mother. Lillian takes the news that Lex gave her well, telling him about how revered they are. Lillian tells him to take a break from his obsession with killing the Kryptonians, saying to have a cooler head, and he can win Lena to their side. Lex learns about Leviathan from Lena, who tells him about Eve. We then see Lex looking through Gemma and her associates, including the Post-Crisis Eve. Post-Crisis Eve has been recruited by Leviathan as a spy and assassin. She turned them down and killed her father. Lex says he needs Eve’s help, who doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. Eve promises to be his eyes and ears at Leviathan in exchange for him keeping her safe and doing her dirty work.

Webs: Lex watches a commercial for Obsidian Platinum when Eve comes in. Lex shows Eve how safe her mother is, surrounded by ex-Mossad agents. He promises Eve that they are a team. Eve did convince Gamemnae to let her in on Obsidian Platinum. Lex plans on using the glitch in the Obsidian Platinum. He plans on getting Gamemnae to trust him by exploiting that glitch and helping with the cover-up. Lex sets up plans for the virtual torture chamber and helps Amy Sapphire by getting her the gauntlets. Eve confesses her love for Lex, who says that there will be time for them later. Lex shows Eve two mice. One is fine when Q-waves are applied and the other disappears, which worked perfectly apparently.

Control: Brainy calls Lex, who is playing chess with Lillian. He ignores the calls. Eve takes Lex to the clean-up zone run by Old Lady Leviathan. Lex gives Eve a deadly poison and sends her to kill Jeremiah Danvers, saying he was a Leviathan enforcer that killed Eve’s father. Lex heads off on his world tour as the bodies fill the warehouse. Meanwhile, it’s intermixed with what happened in recent episodes. Everyone at Obsidian and Catco celebrate the worldwide saturation of Obsidian lenses but Kara is not feeling it. Lena follows her out as Lex watches. She offers her sympathies for Jeremiah’s death. Lena gives Kara a book that helped her through tough times in her life. Lex watches and is not happy about this loss of control.

Checkmate: Lex tells Lillian that he’s frustrated that Lena showed sympathy to Kara. Lex refuses to let Lena go back to Kara. Lillian wants Lex to remained focused on the plan. He will take out Supergirl and Leviathan in one fell swoop. Kara is reading the book while she, Alex, and Kelly eat dumplings. William also brings baked goods that he made. He finds that the ID bracelet belongs to Bates, which has Kelly showing Alex the users still stuck in VR. Eve listens in, which Lex shows to Gamemnae. She plans on killing humanity by luring them into VR. Lex, however, wants to create fear. Lex comes to visit Brainy, who tells Brainy that Leviathan is behind the comas. Lex tells Brainy to get Supergirl to go to the Fortress for something to help them. At the Tower, Brainy brings up the idea of using Myriad to help track the Q-waves of those involved. Lex checks in on Lena, who is checking in on Non Nocere patients when Myriad is activated. Lena is pissed at Kara using the Q-waves. Lena goes to the Fortress where she is followed by a White Martian. Lena and Kara argue over Myriad and Lena walks away angry. Kara then attacks the White Martian who releases the Sun Eater.

Shatter: J’onn, Alex, and Brainy watch as the baby Sun-Eater heads to the sky. Brainy sends a repurposed Lexosuit to give Kara some sunlight. M’gann arrives to help stop the Sun-Eater. The whole world heads into VR to escape the terror heading toward the sun. M’gann and J’onn throw a hydrogen weapon into the Sun-Eater but something goes wrong. Kara arrives in the Lexosuit to shrink the Sun-Eater. Lex arrives to find the coma people in the warehouse and calling for Eve. It’s all going according to plan. Alex and Kara return the baby Sun-Eater. And we head back to the stop of the episode. Lex acts all offended, saying that Kara needs to work with him. Gamemnae is pissed at Lex and shows her true form, saying he is nothing and she is a god. Lex tells Gamemnae that they need to kill Supergirl before the worldwide VR celebration. She promises not to fail in Kara’s death. Lex returns home to Eve making dinner and wanting to spend the night as a couple. Lex breaks Eve’s heart and refuses weakness. He saved her because she was useful. Lex makes it clear that he will kill Eve’s mother and that she killed Supergirl’s father. Eve declares him worse than Leviathan, but Lex says he’s better. Lex also has found the Fortress of Solitude and heads there.

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