Luke Wilson Talks Doing Something New On Stargirl

Credit: DC Universe

Luke Wilson is one of the most reliable faces in Hollywood from his role as Mr. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde to Kelson’s older bro in That 70’s Show, Wilson has done a lot of stuff in his 25 year career. Still Stargirl offered him a chance to do something new, playing a live-action version of a comic book character.

(His brother Owen Wilson has a role in Disney+ MCU series Loki. One wonders if they flipped a coin for who will go to DC and who will go to Marvel.)

Wilson showed his brothers’ kids his work on Stargirl as he tells EW

“My brother Owen’s two sons who are about 5 and 8, and my brother Andrew’s daughter is 10. I showed them a few of these scenes, and it was just so funny to see them get quiet and really concentrate and then start asking me questions like, ‘So you operate the robot?!’ They very rarely show interest in anything that I’m up to! It was funny to see them get immediately hooked in by the show.”

Well, to be fair, giant robots are awesome.

Wilson, admittedly, doesn’t know a lot about the comic book world. Even with his lack of knowledge, the role of Pat Dugan in Stargirl was crafted with him in mind. When Geoff Johns created the character, he made Pat Dugan with Wilson in mind. Weird little full circle moment.

“Geoff had said he saw the first movie me, my brothers, and Wes Anderson made, Bottle Rocket, and how much he liked that, so I think he was just familiar with the different projects that I’d done.”

Wilson is also excited to be in his very first superhero project. He also likes the interesting dynamic of being the sidekick to teenage Courtney (Brec Bassinger).

“He definitely doesn’t want to be her sidekick, but he doesn’t want her to be in danger. It gets out of his hands. But Pat has wanted to be in on the action since he was the valet/sidekick for the Justice Society 20 years ago. That’s why he builds the giant robot S.T.R.I.P.E. — he’s quietly been preparing for this. But he had no intention of involving his stepdaughter. You’ve got these seemingly far-fetched ideas like flying robots and people who can melt other people’s minds, but then you have parents and their children. This show does such a great job of going back and forth between those two worlds of fantasy and reality.”

Stargirl streams new episodes on Monday on DC Universe and airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Bec Heim