It’s Supergirl vs Rama Khan (Again) In “The Missing Link” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

With the show short one episode of a season finale, this will be our penultimate episode of the season. So let’s see where we are. Last week, we learned about Lex’s working behind the scenes in order to a) distract Kara, b) work on Leviathan, and c) generally manipulate all around him. It ends with Lex “discovering” an evil plot and making himself useful for Leviathan.

Gammamae has agreed to Lex’s help with bringing forth the destruction of the human race via technology. She plans on wiping out all Obsidian Platinum users at a worldwide VR party in order to show their power over the human race. Lex is using her to kill Kara and get on the ship so he can upload the mortality code.

Let’s see what’s up for tonight, shall we?

Malfunction: At the prison, the prisoners who did the Non Nocere testing are doing yoga when the Sun Eater escapes. Three get stuck in an elevator and, well, things get a bit weird. Lex looks at the briefcase of a “present” for Gammamae. Brainy is getting sick of Lex’s games, but Lex reminds him that Brainy needs him in order to take down Leviathan. He doesn’t want Brainy to intervene in the war between Leviathan and the Superfriends. At the Tower, M’gann, Alex, Kara, and Nia discuss Leviathan and possibly plans of Lex’s. Also they don’t know where Leviathan’s HQ is on Earth-Prime. Kara thinks Lena may be involved with Leviathan as well. They discuss Rama Khan, who hasn’t been seen on Earth-Prime for hundreds of years. Lena and Lex talk about the malfunction in Non Nocere. Lex thinks the problem is just isolated. Andrea gathers the team together to talk about the Worldwide Unity event. Kelly and William think this is moronic given the whole kidnapping scandal. Kelly brings up her concerns, but Andrea dismisses them. At the US Congressional Archie, Alex and Kara meet with the real Pete. They tell Pete about Leviathan and he has an idea where to start. Gammamae goes to see Rama Khan, who brings him Lex’s present. She tells him to get what the weapon needs and to not fail this time.

Symbol: Pete shows Alex and Kara the history of the Leviathan symbol. He offers to get access to the Special Collections to see if he can narrow where the symbol is appearing. William calls Kara saying he found something connected to Margot. Kara goes to meet him. Pete couldn’t get access the moment he said Leviathan. Alex asks for Pete’s help to break into the Special Collections room. The Non Nocere glitch gets worse. Apparently, the prisoner’s need to survive clashed with the Non Nocere directive. The other prisoner in the elevator goes on a rampage and starts attacking, which causes a cascade. William shows Kara what he found, which is the halo of the image inducer. J’onn couldn’t find Leviathan. M’gann is proud of J’onn and Malefic, who has put Mars on the path to peace. J’onn shares how happy he is that M’gann returned. It turns out that the prisoner is treating Non Nocere like a virus. Now they see the violence that has erupted in the prison. Now there is a domino effect that has poisoned Non Nocere. In a vision, Nia hears wicked laughter, sees Brainy with a deck of cards, and Brainy turns green invading her dreams. Nia looks at the table which has cards of Rama Khan and a symbol for a monitoring station on them.

Chef: Kara loves whatever William has baked. They find that Margot has been talking to an employee called #8273. J’onn tells Kara what they learned and she makes a half-assed excuse to leave. J’onn, M’gann, Kara, and Nia show up to fight Rama Khan who has put together his staff. Brainy agrees to provide backup with Rama Khan. In order to help the prisoners, Lena, Lex, and Steve go to the other side of the prison to get the Q-wave generator. Steve gets attacked and Lena helps him. But they’re now being chased by prisoners. Rama Khan is kicking Kara and Nia’s butts with his powers. Nia knocks the staff out of Rama Khan’s hands and puts him down. Brainy arrives with the DEO and takes Rama Khan. Alex and Pete go through the hallways to sneak into the Special Collections room. That’s when an assassin shows up? Someone is firing bullets at them. They head to the parking garage and drive away.

Vibes: Nia keeps getting bad vibes from the staff. Kara wants to help with the interrogation, but Brainy says they can observe it. Nia shares her vision saying that Brainy was playing games with Rama Khan in her dreams. Brainy begins his interrogation. Pete needs to get his family off the grid and offers some advice. He says there is a day when you realize you need to let the power of the uniform go. Kelly and William find Employee #8273: Eve Tessmacher. Kelly remembers Eve from the old world. Brainy and Rama Khan discuss terms of his release in return for an invitation on the ship. Nia has a vision of Rama Khan’s staff as it’s revealed that he lured them into a trap to access the DEO.

Protocol 5: Brainy tries to evacuate the DEO as Rama Khan escapes and summons his staff. He knocks Brainy, Kara, and Nia back with his power. He then summons the Kryptonite stash to him, which effects Kara immediately. The prisoners are still pounding at the door, but Lena needs time to find the right frequency. Lex goes to buy her the time, using his teleportation watch in order to go back and forth.  Lena finds the new frequency. It knocks everyone out, but gets rid of the peace. The DEO is coming down around Nia, Brainy, and Kara. Rama Khan summons a chunk of Kryptonite to him as Kara passes out. M’gann and J’onn show up and help. M’gann distracts Rama Khan for an instant, who knocks her out. J’onn, M’gann, and Kara are in the building when Rama Khan officially destroys the DEO.

Destroyed: Brainy looks at the ruins of the DEO along with Kara and Nia. Both of them are pissed that Rama Khan got away. Kara heads to track him, but Nia is pissed at what Brainy did. She doesn’t trust him anymore. She wants to know what the hell is going on. But Brainy refuses to tell her. Nia says that he can’t play both sides any longer. William and Kelly bring Andrea what they discovered. Andrea refuses to listen as she always does. Lena decides to cut off Non Nocere. It couldn’t ever work. Humanity needs their darker parts to survive. Lex wants to lead humanity, guide it. He wants to rule with Lena, be the saviors of humanity. Lena realizes that Lex has never changed. Lex unleashes a verbally abusive torrent on her, saying that she needed to see that his way was the only way. Lena declares Lex a monster and refuses to be one as well. At the Tower, the Superfriends look at their losses, which are a lot. J’onn sends Kara home and goes to see M’gann, who can’t find Rama Khan’s energy signal. J’onn is worried for her. The two of them share a kiss. Alex comes home to see Kelly drinking some wine, asking how it went with Pete. Alex and Kelly tell each other what happened during the day. Kelly brings up maybe she and Alex should become vigilantes. Lex looks at the ruins of the testing room and tells a guard to “burn it”. Gammamae calls Lex, who agrees to his request to meet the colleague as the prisoner blows up behind him. In the limo, Brainy apologizes to Lex, who laughs and says he knows what was going to happen. It turns out Lex gave Leviathan a “trinket” from the Fortress of Solitude, which when paired with Kryptonite will make Kara’s life miserable. William follows Eve as she walks home, but she clocks him. William gets kidnapped. Lena shows up at Kara’s apartment. She apologizes to Kara and explains herself. She tells Kara what she knows and offers to help. Kara tells Lena to sit down.

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