Iris Tries To Escape The Mirrorverse In “Pay The Piper” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

It’s the penultimate episode thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent production shutdown. So let’s just refresh everything that happened last week, shall we?

Barry finally figured out that Mirror Iris wasn’t Iris. Due to some quick thinking by Eva, however, the scent was briefly thrown off her and onto Barry. She along wth Mirror Kamilla and Mirror Singh were able to get the final thing that they needed: blood from Ramsey Rosso. Eva was able to escape the Mirror world, leaving Iris (who also figured out Eva’s bad intentions) behind. Mirror Iris, however, died because she was exerting too much free will.

Also due to the light bullet from Dr. Light, Caitlin fell into a cold coma. Cisco and Ralph had to revive her, but she’s going to need to see mother, Carol, for some help.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Safe: Barry goes to visit Joe to tell him about Iris and what happened to her. He’s scared that he can’t save Iris this time, but Joe has faith in Barry. The next day, Barry tells Team Flash about what happened with the Iris, Kamila, Singh along with the reflections. Cisco wants to know if they have a plan and Barry kind of falls apart. Cecile wants to work the plan, calling Singh’s husband. Allegra is going to search on duplicates. Ralph takes Nash to look up Eva McCulloch. Cisco wants to work on getting to the Mirrorverse via vibrations. Cecile tries to offer some comfort to Barry, but he can’t be Eva without his speed. Iris continues her research in the Mirrorverse, but is having trouble thinking straight. She leaves Barry a message, a final message, promising her husband she will be with him. Allegra is beating having a freakout about the Citizen when Godspeed arrives and declares that he is not impressed by Barry. He starts to absorb Barry’s speed before leaving after Nash blasts him.

Sound: The four Godspeeds are cybernetic and in Iron Heights. This one talked so is different somehow. Barry is dissociating and Cisco has throw himself into the problem. It was Godspeed’s vibrations not lightning that did the damages. In order to fight him, Cisco and Barry suggest going to Hartley Rathaway. It turns out that Hartley hates Barry because he destabilized Hartley’s right-hand man, who is being held in Mercury Labs. Nash has a theory to fix Roderick in order to help Hartley. Frost calls Ralph over to thank him for being her life coach and to say goodbye. Ralph is concerned, but figures out that she doesn’t want to see Carla. Frost is worried about spending time with Carla. Ralph tells Frost that she is just as important as Caitlin and she needs to see it for herself. Barry goes to Hartley’s hideout and offers his help with Roderick.

Fury: Barry lays out his terms. Hartley says that no one can help Roderick, and introduces Hartley to Nash. Hartley agrees saying that if they fix Roderick than maybe he’ll help them. In the Mirrorverse, Iris finds Kamilla, who attacks her thinking that Iris is her doppelganger. Iris gives Kamilla the rundown about everything going on. Iris is worried about reading the screens and freaks out, running away. Hartley arrives and figures out about Cisco’s powers (and lack of them) along with Barry’s identity. Barry takes Hartley to the room where they use Allegra’s powers and helium to stabilize his body. Something seems to be hurting Roderick though. Hartley, however, is heartbroken and Godspeed returns demanding Barry’s speed for his city.

Bond: Barry works on the artificial Speed Force when Nash arrives and confronts Barry. Nash relates to Barry saying that he knows when things are over and it’s not over for him yet. He tells Barry to forgive himself. If Barry can’t do it for him, then he has to do it for Iris. Barry realizes how to reach Hartley. Cecile watches Cisco work, who tries to reassure him about Kamilla. Cisco feels a little lost without Kamilla and without Vibe. He feels like he’s lost all the answers. Cecile reassures Cisco that Kamilla fell in love with Cisco, not Vibe, and Cisco is pretty amazing without his powers. Iris is feeling the effects of the Mirrorverse more and more, confessing that the dissonance getting worse and beating herself up over Eva. Kamilla tells Iris not to beat herself up for not being perfect. She tells Iris that she needs to trust herself again. Iris decides to go find Singh. Barry goes to talk to Hartley, who admits Roderick was his boyfriend. Hatley has been beating himself ever since he got hurt. Godspeed is making his move. He took the speed from the other Godspeeds.

Minute: Barry has to go and face Godspeed. Even if he is almost out, he has to try to defeat him. Hartley, meanwhile, hears what Barry plans on doing. Barry arrives and gets the people out of harm’s way. He leads Godspeed on a chase throughout the city. Godspeed is faster and he knocks Barry out. When Barry falls off a building, Hartley arrives to catch him. Hartley and Barry decide to destabilize Godspeed by crossing the streams. Godspeed’s blood is blue and glowing, which is “charged sound”. Nash and Cisco realize that it’s what they need to help Roderick. Charged sound is apparently a permanent bonding agent. It works. Roderick is back. It wasn’t the real Godspeed. Apparently, the one who sent him wants infinite velocity. He also did the chirping. Ralph goes to apologize to Frost. Ralph presents her with a Dib-ploma. He assures her that it’s normal to be intimidated by a parent. Parents are complicated and Frost admits she’s scared Carla won’t like her. Roderick thanks Barry for not giving up on them. Hartley offers some advice on believing that your world can change. Barry goes to rally the troops. Cisco has an idea about how to get everyone out. They need a perpetual energy machine with a component on Atlantis.

Eva wakes up in a pod and looks around. She’s coming for Joseph.

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