Harry Potter Remake? Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) Talks Reboots

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It seems remakes and sequels are appearing faster and faster on the heels of the films they reboot. Some are better than others, and some should just be forgotten.

The Harry Potter films still feel almost like they were made yesterday, and the Fantastic Beasts sequel series have turned out so far to be a decent fix for those desperate for new cinematic helpings of Potter world.

But would a Harry Potter remake ever be on the cards? The longer it is after the originals, the more likely noises about remakes and sequels become.

One particular star of the originals is in no doubt that remaking the series would be “insanity”.

Jason Isaacs played the so good at being bad Lucius Malfoy, and in an interview with comicbook.com he shared his thoughts on the idea, and on the idea that it’s a “franchise”.

First of all, franchise is a word we apply to people who sell hamburgers in different places, and make sure they taste the same and that the fries are cooked for the same length of time, or, you know, Starbucks, or, I don’t know, Staples or something.” He said.

So the Harry Potter movies are seven brilliant books that turned into, that were made into eight brilliant movies. Do I think anyone should remake them? As much as I think anyone should remake the Godfather or Some Like It Hot, or anything that was brilliant. I thought they were perfectly made at the perfect time by the perfect people, and that it would be insanity to remake them.”

It’s very hard to come up with any reason at all to disagree – the films were pretty iconic. The design, the music, the casting – it all came together perfectly. Personally it’s almost impossible for me to envisage anyone but the existing cast being as good in those roles.

There are any number of unfortunate remakes/reboots in dark corners of Hollywood and elsewhere. And it’s not often that a sequel gets that warm a reception.

But Isaacs knows that one day, someone, somewhere will want to redo the films. And obviously Lucius Malfoy will need to be a part of that. So “of course, if they do, I hope they give me a call,” he said with a laugh.

Original cast members are among stars currently lending their voices to Harry Potter at home, audio versions either on video at wizardingworld.com or available on Spotify or Spotify Kids.

Carolyn Hucker

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