Batwoman Boss Talks THAT Twist And Alice’s Point Of No Return

Credit: The CW

Spoilers for Batwoman season one finale “O, Mouse!”

Batwoman had one hell of a season one finale last night. Kate (Ruby Rose) was betrayed by her father (Dougray Scott), who let his hatred for Batwoman reach disturbing heights. Mary (Nicole Kang) continued to the best. Luke (Camrus Johnson) destroyed kryptonite. Alice (Rachel Skarsten) killed Mouse (Sam Littlefield) because he was going to leave her.

To top off the hour, she came through on her promise to give Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) a new face, Bruce Wayne’s. After years of teasing it, we have the Arrowverse’s version of Bruce, played by Warren Christie (Alphas, The Resident). Well sort of as it’s Tommy Elliot with a Bruce Wayne face, which is one of the famous reveals of the classic Batman story Hush.

EW talked with Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries about all of that.

Dries admitted that DC had one caveat for the reveal, which was shocking. Seriously, we had no idea that they cast Bruce Wayne.

“They were ready to play ball, but there’s this one caveat, which is that we needed to be on the A-side of the information. Meaning, originally, we wanted it that Bruce Wayne shows up, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” [then] reveal “Holy s—, that’s Tommy Elliot.” But that wasn’t in the cards for us. So we were like, “What if we show you the A-side? We’re all in on it so nobody’s thinking it’s Bruce Wayne from the audience’s point of view. We’re not getting anybody’s hopes up.” And boom, we get to see how this lands on our heroes and watch them react to it.”

Christie, apparently, was easy to book. Not a surprise, usually if you ask someone if they want to play Batman then they are all in.

“[H]e’s such a good actor and when I saw he was available, I was like, “Hello, yes, Warren Christie, please!” So I called him and told him what would be happening and was like, “Please, please, please do this.” And he loved the idea because he’s a Batman fan and he has a kid and he thought it would be cool to tell his kid he’s playing Bruce Wayne. It kind of just worked out great.”

Moving on from that, Alice is going to have to deal with, you know, killing the one person in the world that she truly loved and who loved her back in Mouse.

“To me, it’s Alice crossing this point of no return. It was a way of dramatizing how deeply important this drive is for her and how all-consuming it is; it’s just the way her psyche works. She sees what she wants and then it’s blinders to everything else and nothing’s going to stand in her way — and it’s what makes her such a scary villain. There’s really no negotiating with her. If she wants something, she’s going to find a way to get it at any cost.”

Batwoman will return Sundays in Jan. 2021.

Bec Heim