Agents of SHIELD Returns With Season 7’s “The New Deal”

Credit: ABC

Well, agents, it has been nine months since the season six finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. But you remember everything, right? Me either. Here’s a quick refresher: 

Coulson died at the end of season five but his evil alien clone, Sarge, was a frenemy in season six. Horrifying alien bats called Shrikes infected and killed a bunch of people, but YoYo was rescued at the last minute when May killed Sarge. The fight left May mortally wounded.

FitzSimmons reunited and then were torn apart again by the Chronicoms, alien archaeologists who decided SHIELD was getting in their way of making Earth their new home planet. One Chronicom, Enoch, sided with FitzSimmons.

He helped them use Chronicom technology to transform the Zephyr into a time machine. Daisy, Deke, Mack, and YoYo boarded the ship and discovered Simmons had built an LMD Coulson to assist them with tracking SHIELD’s history throughout time and stay a step ahead of the Chronicoms.

Back Again

With barely a second’s hesitation, Daisy activates the newest and coolest Coulson LMD. Right away there are some issues. First, his arm is fixed, which makes him suspicious. Second, his memories only go as far back as the Framework so the last two years of trauma come flooding back in a matter of seconds. Simmons tries to ease him into the truth but Daisy takes the direct approach and tells him he’s an LMD. And that doesn’t land well. He suddenly remembers dying and coming back numerous times and the deluge of memories is too much. Mack shuts him down and asserts his authority as Director by telling Simmons to fill them in on what is happening.

The Zephyr is a time machine that will take them to specific times where the Chronicoms are attempting to eliminate SHIELD before it becomes a threat to them. They’re starting in New York City, 1931. Also, May is in a stable medical coma and Enoch is using Chronicom tech to repair her injuries. Fitz is somewhere else because the Chronicoms could easily track FitzSimmons if they were together. Sure.

Deke is sent out for intel and reports back that three cops were found with their faces missing. Chronicoms literally stole their identities. Everyone suits up to investigate except YoYo who is held back to confirm the Shrike is no longer in her system. She’s given a clean bill of health and a present. Fitz left behind upgraded prosthetic arms for her that look more real, like Coulson’s arm. YoYo initially declines because she doesn’t want to pretend she didn’t lose her arms but eventually decides to give them a try.

Ripples, Not Waves

Before the team headed out, Mack reactivated the Coulson LMD and acknowledges that Coulson didn’t want to be brought back. However, they do need his help and SHIELD knowledge to defeat the Chronicoms. Coulson agrees to join them with the assurance that after this mission, they will reevaluate. 

Walking around in 1931, the team agrees not to make any big waves so as to leave history unaffected. Posing as Canadian Mounted Police, they search the crime scene. Coulson finds a bottle of bootleg booze that he thinks is connected to a speakeasy that an SSR asset frequented. He and Mack enter the joint and have every gun in the place pointed at them within minutes. But then Coulson remembers he can’t die and Mack is built like a train so they quickly get the upper hand. The SSR asset is revealed to be a Koenig ancestor, which makes the Gemini nickname very apt. He’s throwing a party for FDR, the Governor of New York who, in addition to being present, will later form the SSR. The cops, some of whom are now Chronicoms are providing security. 

Thankfully there will be one less of them. Daisy and Deke had stayed at the crime scene to digitally reconstruct the faces of the dead men. The Chroni-cops spotted them and attacked. Daisy quake-punched one of them and it was awesome. She and Deke escaped with that unconscious alien in tow and returned to the Zephry. In the hopes of getting something useful out of their hostage, Simmons plugs him into a computer and attempts to overload his system.

The Target

At FDR’s party, Coulson and Daisy follow the future president as he leaves because they believe the Chronicoms are lying in wait. Instead, Coulson ends up helping the man into his wheelchair and shaking hands with him. What is the team missing? That would be Freddy, the young man who works for Koenig and is bartending the party. A woman approaches him claiming to be his “contact.” She gives him some vials of green liquid to deliver to the docks in order to restore his family’s “glory.” The Chronicoms shoot her but Daisy, having been tipped off by Simmons, intervenes before they shoot Freddy too.

Mack and Deke take Freddy safely away while Coulson helps Daisy with two Chronicoms. He discovers that being an LMD with invulnerability and super strength has its advantages. Returning to Koenig’s with Freddy’s contact, they ask for more info on the young man. His last name is Malick. Freddy is the future father of Gideon Malick, who will be the head of HYDRA in America. The Chronicoms reasoned that if Freddy is killed, HYDRA is never formed, meaning SHIELD is never formed to fight it. “So you’re saying to save SHIELD…” Daisy begins. “We have to save HYDRA” Coulson finishes.

Field Notes

  • In the kicker, Enoch returns to check on May only to find her med chamber empty. He doesn’t notice her clinging to the wall like Spider-Man.
  • LMD Coulson, after telling a lame “New Deal” joke: “Dad jokes. It’s a glitch. Sorry.”
  • My suspicions that SHIELD’s 10 pm timeslot would mean some particularly gruesome moments was proven correct in the first 5 minutes when the Chronicoms removed a man’s face while he was still screaming.
  • Every single lead actor looked fantastic in period dress.
  • I will never not be miffed that the first Philinda kiss was between Coulson and LMD May. But now the tables have turned and May might get a chance to make out with LMD Coulson. And I’m not super mad about that. Gotta take what we can get!
Stephanie Coats