4YE Celebrates Chris Colfer’s 30th Birthday With A Look At Some Dream Roles We’d Like For Him

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For many of us, we first met Chris Colfer as a bright-eyed, eager 19 year old, though he was only 18 when he was cast as Glee’s Kurt Hummel and its “Pilot”. Pretty much straight out of high school, we got to watch Chris mature on screen over the six seasons of the series. While has largely spent his time since Glee wrapped six years ago with creating a success young adult franchise, repeatedly landing himself on the New York Times bestsellers list, fans have missed seeing him on their screens every week. That includes us here at 4YE and so to celebrate the milestone of Chris’ 30th birthday today, we wanted to put out into the universe so roles we would love to see Chris play.

Villain in The Mandalorian

It would be really fun to see Chris go over to the dark side and play a villain. Those are often the more interesting roles for an actor to portray and something that he could have a lot of fun with. We have all seen his awesome skills handling sai swords. Not to mention his moves in “Love Is A Battlefield”. With a few new Star Wars series set to land on Disney+, we could see him guest starring in an episode of The Mandalorian or something similar.

Angel in Rent

Awfully cliché and it’s for this reason (as well as the fact that Chris has spoken of how he doesn’t like singing live) that we are unlikely to ever get this, but Chris would be amazing in this role and I hate that we never got to see Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) perform “I’ll Cover You” from the hit musical on Glee.

Galileo in We Will Rock You

This is definitely one for the wishlist but Chris would make an amazing Galileo in the Queen and Ben Elton musical. Watching Chris save the iPlanet from the clutches of the Killer Queen would be a kind of magic. This role would also show off Chris’ exceptional range which was never used to its full advantage in Glee. Also finally seeing him in a leather jacket and some eyeliner … yes please. The show has had huge UK and worldwide success but never made the leap to Broadway. Maybe in the new post lockdown world this could finally happen. I mean we can but dream.

Credit: Twitter

Benedick in modern-day Much Ado About Nothing

Chris has amazing comedic timing and he certainly knows how to make the best use of language. He knows the power of words, how to land a witty comeback and emotional and intellectual engagement in sparring with your match, all necessary qualities in a wonderful Benedick. While Shakespeare not be something Chris aspires to play, it would be great to see his take on this classic character.

Downton Abbey cameo

We know that Chris is a big Anglophile and he has already had a cameo in the star-studded AbFab movie, can you imagine his delight and the delight of fans if he popped up in the next Downton Abbey movie. After all, Lady Grantham is American. Surely she has an American nephew that can come to visit. Or perhaps an acquaintance of Tom’s from his time in Boston.

Credit: David Yeo

Self-written piece on Broadway

During Glee’s run, the cast were often asked if they wanted to perform on Broadway and what their dream Broadway role would be. Chris was known to reply, “I haven’t written them yet”. As Chris heads into his 30s, we’d love this to be the decade that he has the opportunity to originate a role that he wrote himself on Broadway. Comedy, drama, musical or play… we’re not fussy, we’d just love to see his name in lights on the Great White Way.

Xanthous in The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

With the announcement of The Land of Stories movie and that Chris would not only be adapting his novel for the screen, but taking on directing duties also, many were hoping for a casting announcement to follow. While Chris has consistently stated that he wouldn’t be starring in the film, we live in hope that he will take on a smaller role and a character such as the fairy Xanthous or the Goblin King or Troll King would be perfect. All are small, but significant characters, they would be fun to play and the make up and costumes would be extraordinary. I’m hoping for Xanthous.

Wizard in Fantastic Beasts Series

Chris makes no secret of his love of the Wizarding World and a guest spot in one of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies. With the Wizarding World finally crossing the Atlantic thanks to the adventures of Newt Scamander, we could definitely see Chris as a suave and well dressed wizard. What role Chris’ wizard could play, who knows but we think we would love to see him play a slightly darker one complete with swishing cape and beautiful wand expertly spun by Chris. Or how about a teacher at Ilvermorny school, where the Goldstein sisters were educated in all things magical – Chris would make an awesome DADA teacher.

Credit: Just Jared

While we can’t expect the epic birthday parties we are used to seeing for Chris, we all here at 4YE hope he has a magical 30th birthday. We can’t wait to see what this new decade has in storm for him and his fans.



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