Tom Holland Takes On The T-Shirt Challenge And Throws Down The Gauntlet To Other Marvel Actors

Credit: IMDb

In times of self-isolation, social media offers a lot of opportunities to feel connected, but also to have fun and stay physically fit. We have seen a few fun challenges so far, such as the sit-ups or push-ups. Ollie Gardner, a former Billy Elliot, challenged Holland to put a shirt on the hardest way he could, according to EW.

Tom Holland proved in his Instagram story that putting on a t-shirt could be even difficult for Spider-Man. Holland, of course, made it difficult by doing a handstand and then challenged Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) to do so as well.

In his Instagram Story Tom Holland shares the challenge. If you missed it within the 24 hours it was on – don’t worry! Jarett Wieselman has your back.

And as you might can hear in the video it is really a hard challenge. Is that maybe the reason why Jake Gyllenhaal turned off the sound on his instagram story? Who knows!

Gyllenhaal then nominates 50 Cent, Hugh Jackman and his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal. So far none of these took on the challenge, but, at the time of writing, it also hasn’t been 24 hours since they were nominated.

Besides Jake Gyllenhaal there were two others nominated by Tom Holland: Harrison Osterfield and Ryan Reynolds. While the Spiderman actors best friend Osterfield takes on the challenge, Ryan Reynolds hasn’t exactly. In his most typical Ryan Reynolds way, he responded hilariously to the challenge.