The Real Iris And Barry Fight For Her “Liberation” On Both Sides Of The Mirror On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

After so many episodes Mirror Iris being shady af, we’re at the episode where Barry and Team Flash finally catches on. All it took was Mirror Iris kicking Barry out. Let’s do a quick refresh of last week’s episode before we dive in.

Eva says that Mirror Iris’ new mission is to get Barry to deplete what little speed is left in him. Mirror Iris keeps poking at Barry and getting him agitated in order to do so. She has a well of things to pick as Joe is the target of an assassination by Jeremy Carver, who uses Rag Doll to do the deed. It nearly ends with Joe getting killed, but he decides to go into Witness Protection until a case can be mounted.

Mirror Iris kicks Barry out because he didn’t run to bring her to say goodbye to Joe. Meanwhile, Ralph and Cisco go to track down Sue Dearbon. Apparently, she’s just after Carver, who is blackmailing her parents with…something. She doesn’t say what. Ralph and Sue agree to team up.

So let’s see how Mirror Iris finally goes down (and what about Mirror Kamilla), shall we?

Big Bang: Cisco, Barry, and Ralph prepare to birth a new Speed Force into existence. Something seems to be happening, but then it fails. Cecile arrives to try to get the group out of the lab, especially Barry so he can talk with Iris. Barry doesn’t want to see Iris, asking Cecile to tell her that he missed her. Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla give their report about Barry’s speed draining. Mirror Iris, however, appears distant to Eva, who tells them that the time of her liberation is at hand. Cecile asks Mirror Iris what she wants, but she doesn’t know. Cecile tries to feel what Mirror Iris wants, saying she feels sad and concerned. Mirror Kamilla says that Mirror Iris needs space for the moment. Cecile returns home to find Barry investigating Mirror Iris.

Conspiracy: Barry starts to explain to Cecile his theories very, very fast and how he comes up with McCulloch Tech. Cecile thinks that Barry is turning his hurt into finding a conspiracy because he’s scared. Barry needs to damn the torpedoes to go and save his wife. He knows in his heart that the real Iris needs him. Ralph and Cisco go to visit Frost, only finding the apartment iced over. Caitlin asks for help with a dangerously low temperature. Iris comes to Eva to smash the big mirror and learn what the secrets are. Eva, however, gets upset and leaves. Before Iris smashes it, she notices a button on the mirror, which leads her to a secret room. Cecile lets Barry into the Citizen so he can hack Mirror Iris’ computer. He finds the photo take on Kamilla’s camera. Mirror Singh, Mirror Iris, and Mirror Kamilla cover the WestAllen apartment with mirrors. In order to be successful, they need to get someone: Ramsey Rosso.

Gaslighter: Mirror Iris takes advantage of the situation, turning it around on Barry with Cecile and Nash on her side. Barry’s in the Pipeline. Nash and Cecile think it has to do with McCulloch Tech. Cecile gets a weird feeling from Mirror Iris, saying something doesn’t feel right. She probably doesn’t believe Mirror Iris. Meanwhile, Cisco diagnoses Caitlin with ice coma. He uses Ralph as a defibrillator to get Caitlin out of it. Caitlin wakes up, coming back to normal. Caitlin asks for help with the light bullet. They need to go get Carol Tannhauser, her mother. Mirror Iris meets with Mirror Singh and Mirror Kamilla to enact their plan. Apparently, Eva swapped out the prismatic scanners. Mirror Iris, Mirror Kamilla, and Mirror Singh head in to “interview” Ramsey. Mirror Iris gets real with Ramsey, who asks for details about Eva. All they need is one drop of Ramsey’s blood in exchange for freedom. Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself to free Ramsey, shattering. Ramsey attacks Mirror Singh and tells Mirror Iris that she has some will in her. Mirror Iris wants to be alive. Ramsey steps back into the containment cell, saying he’s playing the long game. On Mirror Iris is a drop of his blood. Cecile frees Barry because she knows in her heart that he is who he says he is. Eva and Mirror Iris prepare to create a bridge between the two worlds. Barry arrives, hearing the tail end of the conversation, asking where Iris is.

West v Allen: Mirror Iris and Barry start to fight with Mirror Iris turning her arms into weapons. Eva tells the tied up Iris that she will soon be liberated and shows her the fight between her doppelganger and Barry. Mirror Iris uses her arm swords to attack Barry through the mirror, stabbing him through. Barry keeps asking for Mirror Iris, telling him how long she was with him. Iris declares that she will kill Eva, who tells Iris that she is me and I am here. Iris attacks Eva’s weak point: her love for Carver. It harms Mirror Iris. Barry talks to Mirror Iris, saying she can be more than this. Mirror Iris doesn’t have to be Iris. She can be herself, but she has to want it. Barry tells Mirror iris to choose her freedom, who chooses herself. Mirror Iris tells Barry to go save Iris as she shatters. Barry holds her as she cracks. Eva steps through the portal into reality. She looks at Barry and says “Look what you made me do”.

Mirror Master: Eva apologizes to Barry, who is still asking for Iris. Eva tells Barry that she, Kamilla, and Singh are the insurance policy. Eva tells Barry to stay out of her way and she will stay out of his. She says that she has a whole world to liberate. Barry passes out from his injuries. Hours later, Barry wakes up to his injuries healed. Barry looks at a mirror and cries. He talks to Iris. On the other side of the mirror, Iris unties herself and looks at the mirror. They both say how much they love each other, saying how constant their love for each other is. They promise each other to find a way to get Iris back.

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