Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Say Goodbye To The Trip Series In The Trip To Greece Trailer

A decade after The Trip premiered in 2010, it’s time to say goodbye to the series with The Trip to Greece.

It’s an odd series. A television series in the UK that gets edited into feature-length films, so it’s a TV series and a film series.

In The Trip series, we follow Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as they play fictionalized versions of themselves. In the previous three entries to the series, they were on restaurant tours throughout the UK, Italy, and Spain. Now, in the final entry, Coogan and Brydon are heading to Greece to trace the footsteps of Odysseus.

During this final trip, they eat good food, drink fine wine, and rift on each other’s careers. They also argue about comedy, tragedy, the meaning of life, history, and biology with gorgeous backdrops behind them.

The Trip To Greece premieres on digital platforms on May 22.

Bec Heim