Rag Doll Targets Joe In “So Long And Goodnight” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

It’s been awhile and a very wild and terrifying while for the world at large. Please make sure to wash your hands, obey social distancing, and keep safe during this terrifying time in the world.

With that out of the way, here’s some refreshers about what happened previously on The Flash. Eva McCulloch made a mirror doppelganger of Iris, who she is having do something nefarious. The real Iris is trapped in mirror world. When Kamilla found out about the mirror doppelganger, she was also replaced by a mirror version of herself. We don’t know where she is.

Ralph has met his match in Sue Dearbon, who is a thief and investigating Black Hole. Barry, meanwhile, is trying to create an artificial Speed Force with the help of Cisco and Caitlin after the natural Speed Force died. He only has a finite amount of speed left.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Quiet: Jeremy Carver, head of the Black Hole, summons Rag Doll to his home. Joe West needs to be dealt with as he keeps making noise. Team Flash gets together at the West house for game night. Singh calls Joe saying that Sunshine isn’t talking. Singh wants Joe to take a step back, but Joe asks for a crack at Sunshine. He heads to interview her. Iris is adapting to the Mirror World and tells Eva that Barry is the Flash. He can help them. Eva says she needs time before they can contact Barry. Eva contacts Mirror Iris, who tells Eva what Joe knows and that Barry is close behind. Eva wants Mirror Iris to drain Barry of his remaining speed, wanting to protect her husband. Cisco goes to meet with Ralph, who thinks he’s found Sue’s next target. He wants Cisco to be his hacker, who agrees to help. Joe is driving, but his brakes are cut and he’s speeding up. He throws himself out of the car to save his life.

Assassin: Singh wants to put Joe into Witness Protection if Carver is going after him. Joe, however, does not want to do so. Singh relents when Joe says he can handle it. At the brunch that Ralph thinks Sue will hit, he and Cisco head to their respective corners. Cisco hacks into the security system when he is caught by January Galore, who is also there to rob the place. Ralph remembers her from Midway City and Cisco realizes that the security feeds are dead. They head to the fifth floor where they meet Sue, who was pretending to be January. Cisco and Sue hit it off and Sue escapes. Cisco finds a device that probably gave Sue access to the entire bank’s financial holdings. Joe goes to interview Sunshine, who refuses to talk. While looking through the evidence, Barry realizes that it was Rag Doll who sabotage the car. Rag Doll emerges from an evidence box during the interview to kill Joe. Barry runs to save Joe, pulling the bullets from the air. His speed gives out and Joe is shot in the arm. Rag Doll escapes.

Failure: Joe wasn’t overly hurt by the bullet. Barry thinks that Joe should thinking about Witness Protection. He asks that Joe stay at STAR Labs until Rag Doll is handled. Joe agrees. Mirror Iris sees how Barry is beating himself up about this, which uses up his speed. She pushes him a little bit more with worry and guilt. Joe looks at a picture of Carver and leaves his badge. He heads to Carver’s house to confront the man. Carver gives himself away when he mentions the box. Carver offers to call off Rag Doll if Joe leaves him alone forever. Joe shows that he’s been recording the conversation, but Carver uses an EMP pulse to blow it out. Carver threatens Cecil and Jenna. Joe clocks him. Good job, Joe!

Proud: Barry confronts Joe over going to see Carver. He asks Joe to think about Witness Protection so he can stay alive for his family. Sue is scouting a new investment company when Ralph crashes the meeting to talk with her. Ralph has figured out that Sue’s parents are being extorted by Carver, who Sue is investigating. Ralph offers to help Sue in her investigation, who apologizes for her actions when they first met. Sue gives him back the diamond she stole, telling him to look into it. Allegra goes to see Cecile, who is freaking out. She sent Jenna to Joanie. Allegra offers to protect Cecile if Carver comes after her. Nash does as well. Allegra is not thrilled by it, wanting him to leave her alone. Allegra goes into the break room, which has no power. She then finds Rag Doll on the ceiling. Nash arrives to protect her, but Rag Doll takes him out. Allegra uses her powers to try to escape, but he grabs her. Cecile feels Rag Doll’s pain and he arrives to kidnap her.

Suffering: Joe gets the message about Cecile’s kidnapping from Rag Doll. Barry promises to not hold back in terms of his speed. Joe is able to track Cecile, who is trying to warn him. His arrival sets off a pressure bomb tied to her chair. Rag Doll slithers through the pipes as Barry tries to catch him. He wraps Barry up like a python. Joe calls Nash for help in defusing the bomb. Joe takes Cecile’s place on the bomb, which loses about a minute. Barry handcuffs Rag Doll to a pipe, who hints about the bomb. Joe tells Barry to take Cecile, preparing to sacrifice himself. Barry runs Cecile out and goes back in to get Joe, saying he has to try. His speed starts to fritz as he runs to Joe. Barry arrives to find the bomb stopped and Joe alive. Joe says he needs to go into Witness Protection.

Protection: Joe says goodbye to his family. Barry can’t reach Mirror Iris. Cecile, however, is terrified about doing this alone, but Joe promises to be back as soon as it’s safe. Barry promises that he and Iris will take down Black Hole. He promises Joe to keep Iris safe. Cecile and Barry watch Joe go with the federal agents. Singh talks to Eva, revealing he’s a mirror copy. Eva is planning on making Jeremy pay for what he’s done. A gift is delivered to Carver: a mirror. Eva appears to her husband, wanting an apology. Carver tells Eva that he is untouchable. He destroys the mirror. Mirror Iris reams into Barry, wanting him to use his speed to take her to her dad. Mirror Iris tells Barry to leave. Barry wants to talk, but she says she’s no longer Barry’s home. Barry leaves.

Bec Heim