Olivia Munn And Sam Claflin Weather Ceremony Mayhem In Love Wedding Repeat Trailer

It’s the endless parades of weddings about this time of year. Of course with the pandemic going on, marriages are being postponed and shuffled around.

Even so, it’s still that season as we get into spring and summer. Now there is the rom-com about weddings heading to Netflix in April.

Endless amounts of champagne, interconnected people behaving badly, making sure that your loved one’s big day isn’t ruined by infighting and strife, it certainly sounds like a wedding.

Jacke (Sam Claflin) has to contend with an angry ex-girlfriend (Freida Pinto), a sedative, and trying to reconnect with the one who got away of his past (Olivia Munn) all while making sure his sister’s big day goes off without a hitch. All the while Jack figures out the path to his own happily ever after.

The trailer is full of a charming cast and we all need a bit of rom-com fun with our lives on lockdown. So if you want something sweet, then this is probably the film for you.

Take a look at the poster below.

Credit: Netflix

Love Wedding RepeatĀ will be released on Netflix on April 10.

Bec Heim