David Tennant Talks His New Acorn TV Drama Deadwater Fell

If you’re dying for some new David Tennant series to grace your screen, then get ready to sign-up for a free trial or shell out the $4.99 USD for Acorn TV because he has a new series with Deadwater Fell.

The four-part series follows Tennant as small town general practitioner Tom Kendrick’s home erupts in flames. Only Kendrick is pulled out of the blaze. In one fell swoop, Kendrick has lost his wife (Anne Madeley) and three children. While believed to be an accident at first, this is dispelled when it comes to light that the family was drugged. This causes a reckoning with Tom, his wife’s best friend (Cush Jumbo), and her police sergeant husband Steve (Matthew McNulty).

Now they have to consider some horrible explanations for the event.

Talking with EW, Tennant promised twists and turns galore in the series.

“Just when you thought [you knew] what kind of story you were in and what these characters were like and where you were headed, it would pull you in a different direction.”

Deadwater Fell also utilizes a flashback structure within its narrative that changes based on the perspective that you’re seeing it in.

Tennant said, “You’ll see some stuff in episode 1 that you’ll see again in episode 4, but perhaps from a certain perspective. Or you’ll see the front of [a] scene that isn’t shared with you in episode 1, which suddenly makes more sense in episode 4 when you have a bit more information. As an actor, you’re having to just make sure you’re being completely truthful while at the same time not signaling anything that might mislead or give too much away too soon because people don’t [in real life] — and that’s part of what I think Daisy is saying with this story.”

Deadwater Fell also marks a first for Tennant, his first time executive producing. While he knew some of the basics, he also shared about the new things that he picked up along the way as well as a “novice” producer.

“I think you do sort of develop an instinct for how to put a group of people together and how people might work with each other and working with scripts. As an actor on a project, you have a slightly different perspective to someone who wouldn’t necessarily be on set all of the time, and that’s quite useful to have all of those voices, particularly in the last stretches of script development.”

The first episode of Deadwater Fell launched on Monday, April 6 on Acorn. New episodes will premiere weekly.

Bec Heim