Beanie Feldstein Tries To Find Her Voice In Trailer For How To Build A Girl

Beanie Feldstein has made a name for herself in coming of age comedies/dramedies such as Booksmart and Lady BirdNow the beloved breakout of both films is taking centerstage in the upcoming How to Build a Girl.

Based on the coming of age novel of the same name from Caitlin Moran, Feldstein stars as Johana Morrigan, a quirky 16-year-old with a big dreams and a wild imagination, who is dying to get out of 1993 Wolverhampton and into the big world. When a self important journalist derides her creative writing submission, Johana decides to reinvent herself.

With an eccentric array of wigs, hats, and clothes, Johana reinvents herself as music critic with discerning tastes and eye popping fashion, Dolly Wilde. It catapults her to industry fame while she wrestles with finding her true voice.

Feldstein, an American actress, had to speak in a British accent throughout the film, which she pretty nervous about. But, you know what, we think she did pretty good.

Alfie Allen, Paddy Considine, Chris O’Dowd, and Emma Thompson also star.

Check out the poster below.

Credit: IFC Films

How to Build a Girl will be released on May 8 for a thatrical and digital release.

Bec Heim