Andrew Lloyd Webber Orchestrates A Virtual Performance Of Phantom Of The Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber started to perform songs from his popular musicals and every day, he has been posting more of his beautiful music to share it. No one expected how the instrumentalist members of the London production of Phantom of the Opera would respond to it.

We are living in the days of self-isolation. It feels like half of the people all over the world are at home – waiting out the COVID-19 crisis. Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of them, as are many other musicians, the composer of some of the world’s most renowned musicals chose to put some of his talent out there on the internet. He’s been sharing this kind of art with his followers on Twitter – and basically everyone who love to hear some show tunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself.

As EW reported, Lloyd Webber asked his followers directly which songs they would like him to play on the piano in a tweet and the people responded. This also includes Kristin Chenoweth, who asked along many others for the song “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera. The one song the most people wished for was another Phantom of the Opera Song: “All I Ask Of You”.  The instrumentalist members of the London production contributed to this. Together they put a full orchestral accompaniment to the song.

It turns out to be a wonderful and unique kind of bringing together all these musicians. It’s a great example of a way to connect and being together in times of distancing that we go through. Andrew Lloyd Webber shared the creating on Twitter, describing himself as “incredibly touched” by it. And yes, it really is.

But Lloyd Webber is even doing more for theatre lovers in this difficult times. Classic FM reported, as West End and Broadway theatres closed down to slow the spread of coronavirus,  Andrew Lloyd Webber is serving up a free stream of one of his productions every week. On the YouTube channel The Show Must Go On musicals will be available to watch for 48 hours starting on Fridays at 7pm GMT.

The series starts with Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat from 2000 and goes on next week with the 2012 version of Jesus Christ Superstar.