Actress Mary Neely Recreates Musical Number By Herself While In Quarantine

Credit: Mary Neely

Entertainers of all sorts have emerged during this quarantine period. From John Krasinski trying to bring us all good news to Lady Gaga raising that money honey for charity, we’re all seeing some choice entertainment. There is another name to add to that list, but this one will probably be a bit more unknown: Mary Neely.

Neely is an L.A. based actress, who will be seen in the upcoming Valley Girl remake, that has been posting videos of her singing her favorite Broadway songs since late March. She, honestly, is killing it. Get this girl to Broadway, ASAP! You know when Broadway opens and its safe to go there.

Neely has covered songs from Les Miserables to Wicked, often playing multiple parts. She is honestly amazing for any theatre fan to watch.

Check out some of our favorite covers from her below.


Bec Heim