4YE Reviews: David Hunter Rocks His Leave A Light On Concert

Credit: The Theatre Cafe

Even in times of social distance, you can leave a light on and create beautiful moments to share. The Theatre CafĂ© proves that, together with Lambert Jackson, as they bring West End performers into your living room via streams. One of these performers is David Hunter – and he truly rocked his online concert yesterday (April 14).

David Hunter is a musical theatre actor in the West End. He is best known for playing Guy in the musical Once and taking over the role of Charlie Price from Killian Donnelly in Kinky Boots, which he played for two years and over 700 shows. Before the shutdown, he was playing Dr Pomatter in the Tony Award winning musical Waitress. Sadly, the musical production won’t return as its scheduled end was the 4th of July this year and it is very unlikely theatres will be able to open again by then.

But through this Leave a Light On performance, fans had the chance to stream a concert of their favourite West End performer into their homes and David Hunter rocked it! His was an entertaining mix of music and talks – uplifting, funny and with words that give you hope. Not to forget to mention the great introduction by his young son Rufus, who also did a little singing with his father before leaving the stream for some cheesecake business. Later in the stream the actor also talks about his kids, saying that he and his wife have “lots of children. They tell me it’s only two, but I think it’s more because the mess they make. It’s astonishing.”

The concert started out with two of his own songs “Hand on my heart” & “Silver & Gold”, followed by “Falling Slowly” from Once and his own very entertaining ukulele-version of “Soul of a Man” from Kinky Boots. After that he played a new song called “Hurt” – a very emotional ballad and then goes over to “Take It From An Old Man” from Waitress – or at least this was the plan. Hunter struggled a bit with the lyrics, but proved that it’s not about the mistakes you might make, but about the way you handle them. It was probably very good that he forgot about some words, because it made the stream even funnier. His last two songs were “She used to be mine” (another song from Waitress) and his own song, “The Farm Song”. It was probably the best choice to close because it is so uplifting. Hunter himself describes the song as a “feel good song about the simple good old days”.

Everything about watching David Hunter is fun and interessting. Maybe it is because he delivers more than just the music. He shares thoughts and aspects of his life. The message is clear and hopeful: We will get through this! And: “Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Stay happy & healthy”.

The Leave a Light On concerts are twice daily series of events. You can check out upcoming events and stream previous shows here.