Wally West Returns Just In Time For The “Death Of The Speed Force” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’ve returned to the ongoing question of just what Mirror Iris wants and just what is Eva McCulloch is planning. Iris continues trying to break out of the mirror world where Eva is trapped, but things are looking bleak. Though Eva is not as a fragile as she presents to Iris, having complete control of her powers and is the one who created the Iris doppelganger for…something. Well that’s horrifying.

Barry, meanwhile, is trying to cope with all the Post-Crisis changes, even with all the new faces around STAR Labs like Chester and Kamilla. All it takes is Grodd invading Barry’s mindscape, apparently all it took was being imprisoned in his own mind and the end of the multiverse to get Grodd to turn over a new leaf. With some help from Chester, Barry and Grodd are able to get out of Grodd’s head after defeating his “gatekeeper”. ARGUS has agreed to release Grodd to Gorilla City as a form of parole and Barry learns a lesson about moving on.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Rusted: A helicopter carrying a couple of rich people, suddenly and mysteriously rusts. Caitlin and Kamilla think that Barry is on the case, but Barry is eating soup. Instead, Wally West shows up rescuring the pilot and passengers. He makes copies of himself, dismantling the helicopter just as Barry shows up. The two hug and fist bump. Wally meditates, showing his family his new abilities. Since leaving, Wally joined the PeaceCorps and seems quite happy. Iris, with Eva, sees Wally and wishes so hard to be there. Eva said that she couldn’t hold the window longer. Iris worries about her family forgetting her with Mirror Iris out there, but Eva shares about how Joseph would show up at the mirror every day. Iris asks if Joseph still knows about her predicament, but Eva says she doesn’t know. Eva starts to get in a loop with Mirror stuck similarly until she snaps out of it. Cisco returns, thinking the party is for him. Then he sees Wally. Also Atlantis exists on Earth-Prime so that’s cool. Everyone leaves and while cleaning, Barry’s powers malfunction. Wally tells Barry that he’s been sensing something wrong with the Speed Force. He’s learned how to project his consciousness into the Speed Force, but the voice that reaches out to Wally has been quiet. Barry thinks that the Speed Force would reach out if there something that wrong. The woman from the airplane is in Jitterz when time suddenly stops , a woman that she recognizes appears, and Maria suddenly dies, turned into a husk.

Wither: Wally, Barry, Joe, and Cisco look over the victim, who has been aged to 110 years in a second. Cisco identifies the assailment as Turtle II. Nash goes to meet with Cisco in his lab, who is trying to speed Turtle II up. Nash wants to know if Cisco saw anyone from other Earths, who were already dead. Oh! They also tied up that Batwoman plot point about Beth and Alice. Nash tells Cisco about his ghosts, but Cisco said that it wasn’t possible. Nash wants Cisco to focus on him and calls Cisco selfish when he doesn’t. Mirror Iris hints about the break-up between Barry and the Speed Force with Wally, and encourages him to investigate it. Kamilla takes a picture of Wally and Mirror Iris, who freaks out and demands Kamilla delete it. Wally tracks down Barry, taking him into the Speed Force. Barry tells Wally about attacking the Speed Force when infected by Bloodwork. The Speed Force informs Barry that she is dying because of what Barry did. Barry and Wally return back to themselves with Wally asking what Barry did.

Fault: Wally is pissed that Barry didn’t got in contact with him sooner. He’s pissed that Barry didn’t know everyone else was affected. Wally said that the Speed Force would show him the future, connected by an infinite number of speedsters. Barry thinks he can fix, but Wally said that he won’t take Barry back in. Nash continues his work when his haunting continues and Thawne emerges. Barry connects himself to Gideon as he prepares to enter the Speed Force himself. The projection of his mother said it was too late. The Speed Force said that a new substance entered the Speed Force. Barry realizes that it’s the Spectre’s energy that he was given during Crisis. The Speed Force reassures Barry that he did the right thing and says he was the best decision they ever made. He showed them the greatest force ever: love. The Speed Force tells Barry that they love him before dying.

Endings: Wally tells Joe about the Speed Force’s death and his anger over it. Joe talks about Wally about his growth as a person is because he did the work. He just needs to keep doing the work to be that man. Joe goes to talk to an informant about Turtle II. Caitlin goes to see Cisco, who is freaking out about Turtle II. He feels like he’s right back where he’s started. Wally tracks down Barry, who is in deep mourning. Barry tells Wally what he figured out, who said that he would have made the same call in Barry’s shoes. Wally said that they can take responsibility for their actions and move forward. They found Turtle II outside of CCPD, who is targeting Joe.

Mourning: Barry tells Mirror Iris everything about the Death of the Speed Force, who reassures him that this isn’t his fault. Barry asks who is supposed to be without his speed. Mirror Iris says that maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the death of the Speed Force means that Barry could have a normal life. Barry deserves happiness, just like everyone else. Cisco calls Barry down to the Pipeline before he can answer while Mirror Iris looks into the reflection. Cisco informs Barry about the possession of Nash via Thawne. Thawne promises Barry that he will kill Barry and everyone that Barry loves. Nash promises Barry that with the Speed Force dead and Nash with his own force that he’s coming for Barry and everyone he loves. Wally prepares for his new life without the Speed Force in it. Joe tells Wally to be careful, who says something feels off with Iris. Caitlin and Cisco think they can track the energy, but Barry wants their help to build an artificial Speed Force. Mirror Iris attacks Kamilla with the Mirror gun when Kamilla’s picture reveals the truth.

Bec Heim