The Kids Are In Charge In The Trailer For Netflix’s The Willoughbys

For those of you looking forward for some more film content with the quarantine stretching infront of us like a gaping and unending maw, good news! Netflix released it’s first trailer for the upcoming animated film, The Willoughbys. 

Feeling unloved and discarded by their parents (Martin Short, Jane Krakowski), the Willoughby children (Will Forte, Alessia Cara, Vincent Tong) cook up a plan to send their selfish and distant parents on vacation. With the arrival of their new nanny (Maya Rudolph), things are looking up until Family Services arrive wanting to separate them.

What follows is a wild road trip as the four kids learn the meaning of family while trying to make one of their own.

Check out the trailer above and the post below.

Credit: Netflix

Ricky Gervais and Terry Crews also star in The Willoughbys, which hits Netflix on April 22.

Bec Heim