“The Exorcism Of Nash Wells” Takes Center Stage On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We are in a bit of a pickle here with Barry Allen and company. Never mind that no one has really question Mirror Iris too hard yet. No, now the Speed Force has died due to the influx of Spectre energy that Barry tapped into during Crisis. Wally, who came to figure out what was going on, and Barry both are in mourning. While the residual energy in their bodies, they will soon lose it. Barry, however, has a plan. He wants to create his own Speed Force with Cisco and Caitlin’s help.

We’re sure that’s going to end well.

Mirror Iris, meanwhile, is trying to keep her cover. When Kamilla takes a picture with her new camera, however, Mirror Iris uses the Mirror gun on Kamilla to keep the truth from being revealed. Kamilla is definitely either in trouble or dead. Eva is trying to keep Iris trapped in the Mirror world with her for her own ends. Nash has been possessed by Eobard Thawne, who is just biding his time until he can kill Barry and everyone Barry loves.

Always charming, Eobard.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Lies: It turns out that Kamilla was given a mirror copy while hit with the Mirror gun. Eva contacts the Mirror doppelgangers, saying Kamilla has been taken care of. Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla are given a mission: get a prism refractor from Joseph Carver, but he sold it to Mercury Labs. So break in and get the refractor. Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry are trying to figure out how to make an artificial Speed Force. They have no clue where to start, but, right now, they’re focused on keeping Barry’s speed minimal and figuring out how to help Nash. Joe has a meeting with Singh over Carver. He thinks there is a mole in CCPD. Singh agrees, but thinks this is for I.A. and that Joe is getting personal. Nash is housing ALL OF THE WELLS in his head. ALL OF THEM, according to Caitlin. Nash has a neural splicer, however, which can separate all of the brainwave, but Cisco needs to supercharge it. Thawne, however, trick Team Flash so he can peace out via time travel. Thawne promises to kill Barry and his loved ones. Barry almost kills Wells, but is stopped by Caitlin and Cisco.

Plan: Caitlin tells Barry that he can’t be here to help Nash because his anger is affecting his speed. She also warns Barry against using Velocity X due to the changes in his physiology. They can’t trust Barry right now. Cisco comes up with a plan to hit Thawne’s negative tachyons with positive ones to make an exorcism occur. Cecile is meant to monitor Nash through it. On Earth-79, Nash finds a young girl named Maya, who helps Nash find a greater treasure than the one he found. Nash tells her a rule, saying that she never gives anything without something in return. Nash offers to teach the orphan how to the myth bust. He teaches her Rule No. 1: the prize is everything. Nash hears Cecile and Cisco talk as he heads into a manifestation of the Anti-Verse. Nash is confronted by Thawne, who is feeding on Nash’s pain. Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla go for a fake story to find the refractor. Another one of Carver’s metas arrives for the refractor. Caitlin goes to handle it, telling Barry to stay put: doctor’s orders. Frost goes to fight the meta, Sunshine. It’s not going well so Barry grabs the Velocity-X, but…it doesn’t take well. Frost gets burned in the encounter with Sunshine saying that Frost could have been one of them.

X: Barry feels guilty for Frost getting hurt. Joe warns Barry against taking anymore Velocity X. Mirror Iris has the details on Sunshine, a former Army officer. Joe, to Mirror Iris’ delight, has the prismatic refractor in custody. Joe nudges Mirror Iris to check in with her husband. He plans on handing over the refractor to ARGUS and will keep it on him for the time being. Joe, however, has to remind Mirror Iris to check on the clearly depressed Barry. Mirror Iris tells Barry that Barry Allen was taking down villains long before Flash came along. She tells him that even metas have their limits, but they need to be figured out. Barry realizes that Sunshine has limits while Mirror Iris calls Mirror Kamilla. Nash, meanwhile, continues his confrontation with Thawne. He throws Nash’s memories of Maya back in his face. It turns out that Maya died and Nash has been trying to escape blame. Thawne declares to Cisco that he is almost there, having accessed his speed, and Cisco puts the meta cuffs on Thawne. Cecile, meanwhile, hits Thawne over the head. Cisco said that if Thawne reconnects to his speed again then they will lose Nash forever.

Secure: Singh comes to oversee the transfer with CCPD. There is someone on the inside and they need to oversee the transfer themselves. Sunshine, meanwhile, has overheard it. ARGUS arrives and Sunshine attacks. Barry is able to get the refractor and leads Sunshine on a chase to his lab. He then cuts off her supply of light. Joe and the others switch to night vision. Joe and Singh think that Sunshine could be the mole due to her powers. Cisco says that it’s a matter of time before Thawne takes over Nash’s body. Nash and the other Wells will be in Hell and Thanwe will have access to all their knowledge. Cecile realizes that Allegra could be the key to help Nash. Barry comes up with an idea to get inside of Nash’s head to beat back Thawne.

Exorcism: Barry, Cisco, and Cecile head into Nash’s head in order to stop Thawne. Thawne, however, declares that Nash is his. Cisco tells Nash that he’s the only one who can stop Thawne, telling him that he has to face it. Thawne, however, presses Barry’s buttons on Nora. Barry, however, doesn’t give into his anger. He tells Thawne that he won’t let him have power over him. Cisco speaks of his own grief with Nash while Barry says that his emotions make him better than Thawne. Cisco promises Nash that he will be here waiting for him when he’s done facing the memory. Nash goes to face it. On Earth-13, one year ago, Maya goes after a memory cell, but activate some sort of trap. Nash tells Maya to remember her training, who goes untethered and gets the memory cell. She doesn’t let go of the memory cell and falls to her death in front of Nash. Nash comes out and there is Cisco waiting for him. Nash tells Cisco that Maya only did what she was taught and that it was his fault. He takes control of his pain, which means Thawne can’t feed from him. Thawne just sort of fizzles out in the mind and an explosion of red lighting erupts from Nash’s chest. All Nash can say is how it was his fault.

Gone: Thawne is currently gone for now. He’s not destroyed, just formless, like Voldemort. Cisco goes to check on Nash after everything. Cisco tells Nash about the other Wellses in his head. Cisco hands Nash the picture of Maya before he heads off. Cisco tells Nash about his experiences with the Wells doppelgangers and separating feelings. Harry also pops in to offer some of his own advice, agreeing with Cisco. Barry apologies to Caitlin. Barry has an idea of where they start with the Speed Force. Thawne, after all, taught Nora how to build a Speed Force. Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla are able to get the device to Eva. She tells the pair that they need to stick to the plan so she can be liberated.

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