Seth Rogen Got Stoned And Live-Tweeted Cats During Our Hour Of Greatest Need

One of the truly last great pop culture disasters of 2019 was Cats. Looking back on it, eighty months in 2020, we can’t help if it was a harbinger for the end times. While we’re all practicing social distancing and quarantine in order to keep the spread of the coronavirus down, we need stuff to do.

Last night, Seth Rogen did what any sane red-blooded American would do. He rented Cats, got stoned, watched it, and live-tweeted it, proving that in the darkest of times there can be laughter over a stoned guy freaking out about Cats. Truly an American hero.

As anyone who has seen the multi-Razzie winner Cats knows, there is no preparing for it. You hang on and let it happen to you. Leaving the theatre, it felt like you were on drugs. So…we have no clue what’s going to happen to someone actually on drugs while viewing it. Hilarity is what happened.

Rogen descended into madness in his series of tweets. Some of which you can read below as he demanded to know what a Jellicle is, wondered about the ethical reality of Judi Dench’s fur coat in universe, and is amazed at how director Tom Hooper got his actors to practice licking their arm hair. Unfortunately, Rogen did not finish Cats, and switched over to 90 Day Fiance. It did sound like he got pretty far though.

And, of course, if you were wondering why #ReleaseTheButtholeCut was trending earlier today, here’s why.

Cats is currently available for VOD if you too want to get high and watch, or if you’re just curious but didn’t want to make the physical trip to the theatre to see it.

Bec Heim