Minutemen Rumored To Appear In Loki On Disney+

Credit: Marvel Studios

Production on Loki for Disney+ may be halted due to the coronavirus but a few new characters may have been revealed via IMDB. Stunt-performers credited as “Minutemen” are listed for the series on IMDB, as pointed out by Murphy’s Multiverse

While it is possible for anyone to edit IMDB, the Minutemen are characters that fans would expect to see in the series. They work with the Time Variance Authority (TVA), who is already slated to appear in Loki, as a “police force” of the Timestream. Not much else is known about them, though they seem to be pretty generic time cops tasked with apprehending individuals messing with the Timestream and protecting TVA’s headquarters. We do know that the series depicts the version of Loki who stole the tesseract in the Avengers: Endgame alternate timeline. This Loki travels through time, no doubt causing mischief, and likely drawing the attention of the Minutemen.

Tom Hiddleston returns to the play the titular god with Sophia Di Martini and Gugu Mbatha-Raw also set to appear. Earlier this year, Richard E. Grant and Owen Wilson were both confirmed to appear as well, though details on their characters remain under wraps. Production on Loki was still underway when the COVID-19 pandemic began, causing production to cease temporarily. There has been no word how this break will affect the “early 2021” release date for the series. 

Stephanie Coats