Gail Simone Calls For Marvel/DC Crossover To Help Comic Shops Recover From COVID-19 Closures

Credit: DC/Marvel

Gail Simone, writer of Birds of Prey and other excellent comics, took to Twitter today to share an idea about how to help comic shops get back on their feet following the coronavirus. Most comic shops are independently owned, so anything to help them when we can safely resume normal business operations following the coronavirus pandemic.

They’re really feeling it right now. As Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest comic distribution, is no longer taking in new comics at its warehouse. This means no more new shipments until things have gotten back to somewhat normal. Now comic shops cannot do mail orders of pull lists.

Simone thinks that in this time of peril Marvel and DC should get together and have a major crossover event. This will get butts in comic shops when things have calmed down and get fans massively excited.

“When comics shops open back up as we all hope they will, I would love it if DC and Marvel could ask the lawyer to step outside, and have another big Marvel/DC crossover. A lot of people would love it and it would lay the welcome mat back out in a big way.”

Marvel and DC had an epic crossover in 2004 called JLA/Avengers. While there have been periodic crossovers in the lead-up to JLA/Avengers, yeah nothing since then.

Still it would be a good idea and would definitely get people into comic shops. Anything that will help.

Bec Heim