Flash Gordon’s Very First Comic Strip Sells At Auction For Nearly Half A Million Dollars

Credit: Profiles in History

Flash Gordon is the savior of the universe, but he’s also now a record breaker as well.

The 1930s sci-fi hero’s very first comic strip sold at auction for $480,000 USD, which is a record for a comic strip, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pencil and ink version of the comic was done by Alex Raymond.

Despite concerns about the coronavirus throwing off the auction, the strip fell into the planned range for it what it would sell.

Flash Gordon was created as an answer to Buck Rogers. Flash is a polo player and Yale University graduate who travels to the planet Mongo, which is on a collision course with Earth. The comic strip ran from 1934 to 1992 in daily installments before switching to Sundays only, which lasted until 2003.

Flash Gordon, in addition to creating its own radio serials, movies, and more, has also inspired such creators as George Lucas and Jack Kirby. Needless to say, we wouldn’t have geek culture as we know it today without Flash Gordon‘s creation by Raymond.

Bec Heim