Dan Levy And Noah Reid Talks Getting To That Schitt’s Creek Happy Ending

Credit: PopTV

Schitt’s Creek is coming to an end next with its two part finale. We’re all going to be messes during it as we watch David Rose (Dan Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) tie the knot. While other members of the Rose family and friends are making their own plans for their own lives.

Talking with EW, Levy and Reid talked about getting to the ending of Schitt’s Creek along with David and Patrick’s happy ending.

One thing Levy wanted to make sure for the road to the wedding between David and Patrick that audiences never doubted their love for each other.

“That is one of the things that I always have found troubling about certain TV tropes. “It does provide an instant tension, but people watching know how solid this relationship is. It’s a little harder to tell the story of a successful relationship. Knowing that it was a gay relationship, wanting to show the stability and the security of these two people just getting each other and having it be nothing but love and encouragement… Obviously, there’s bumps along the road, which we explored, but that the relationship itself would never be put into question, that these two people were in it to win it.”

Instead, there were bad spray tans, escape rooms that got a little too wild, and expensive venues and catering to contend with.

When Reid was cast on Schitt’s Creek, it was to see if his Patrick could be a good match for David. Reid was feeling his way out on the series as well.

“It’s strange to walk into a show that’s already going. I came in for my first table read, and Eugene came over and said, ‘Noah, how are you?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, sure, I guess this is where I am.’ But that’s true of human relationships, too, right? You meet somebody, you have no idea. You know that you’re interested. Maybe there could be something there — and I think that’s what we were playing out in that first scene. Then, you see where it goes.”

It definitely went somewhere beautiful.

Schitt’s Creek will air a two-part series finale on Tuesday, April 7 at 8/7c on Pop TV.

Bec Heim