CBS, NBC, FOX, and The CW Are Forgoing Live Upfronts This Year Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Everyone is currently gripped by coronavirus fear, which is valid. Travel has been suspended to Europe for 30 days from the US. The NHL, MLB, NCAA, and NBA are suspending the season. Production has slowed majorly in the entertainment sectors. Films are being pushed back. Broadway is dark.

Anything to make sure that large groups of people are not congregating so as to slow the viral spread.

Now the Upfronts are feeling the burn. The Upfronts, for those who aren’t huge nerds like we are, is a magical time of year, usually in May, when the networks get together to unveil big news for their respective network and unveil the new series for the upcoming TV season.

Usually they are done in live presentations in front of audience of journalists and advertisers. Not this year though, due to coronavirus concerns, NBC, CBS, Fox, and The CW have cancelled their live upfront presentations. ABC is currently the only one to go on as scheduled.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the networks along with WarnerMedia and Discovery are planning on video presentations instead.

Each network has released a statement about the cancellation of the live events. Basically it comes down to limiting the spread of coronavirus aka COVID-19.

Presumably, we can expect any and all news to come in May during the week of May 11, when the Upfronts where to begin with NBC’s live event.

Bec Heim