Amanda Peet Takes Center Stage As Betty Broderick In Dirty John’s Season Two Trailer

Dirty John is back for a second season. The series is taking on another toxic relationship, possibly one of America’s most infamously toxic relationship: Dan and Betty Broderick.

The limited USA network series stars Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick and Christian Slater as Dan Broderick.

Seriously, Oprah declared the end of their marriage as “one of America’s messiest divorces” and Oprah’s seen some stuff.

Dan and Betty Broderick were a married couple, whose marriage dissolved when Dan moved out of the home and had an affair with a younger woman, Linda Kolkena. Betty was not happy about any of this. First, she abandoned their four children on Dan’s doorstep – one by one. Then she would leave long profanity laden messages on the machine.

The divorce was complicated as Betty helped Dan through medical and law school, leading to a conversation on what a woman who supported her husband through further education is entitled to. It was a messy divorce, like just a mess. Eventually, the divorce was finalized. Dan retained custody of the children. He and Linda would marry, though Linda did want Dan to wear a bulletproof vest in case Betty tried something. She didn’t on the wedding day.

You can see where this story was going. Betty would kill Dan and Linda on Nov. 5, 1989. She was sentenced to 32 years to life for the crimes. Her parole has been denied every time that Broderick was up for it.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story airs summer 2020 on USA Network.

Bec Heim